Blogger Feature: Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room

Since July 2007, Melissa Michaels has been inspiring thousands of readers by sharing her ideas on how to create an authentic life and home. A pastor’s wife and a mom of three, she has extended her personal journey and embarked on a mission to motivate women to do the same. In just five years, her home decorating and interior design blog, The Inspired Room, has earned a readership of 300,000 unique readers each month. Read on and find out more about Melissa and her passion about stress-free and budget-friendly DIY decorating that leaves time to appreciate life’s little wonders.

Wreath Centerpiece by Melissa Michaels
Quick and Easy Wreath Centerpiece by Melissa Michaels

Q: When did your interest in DIY decorating begin, and how do you think your taste has evolved since then?

A: I’ve been interested in DIY decorating since I was very little. I used to decorate cardboard boxes for houses for my Barbies, so it was definitely an interest from an early age. My style has always evolved with the times and yet my taste has always tended to be a mix of old and new.

Q: You say that your home is continually a work in progress, with the seasons being a key inspiration to how it will be designed for that period. Do tell us which season gives you the most decor inspiration and why this is so.

A: I love Fall. If I had to live only in one season, Fall (as we experience it in the NW) would be my choice. I love when the weather turns just cool enough that I bring out the cozy throws and enjoy the fireplace and yet still see sunshine coming through my windows. I think because I tend to prefer a warmer, cozier decor that still retains some coastal flair, Autumn is really the perfect season for how I love to decorate.

Q: “I want a home that is good for our souls, not just for the camera.” How would you describe a home that nurtures the soul? In your case, is there a particular part of your home that nurtures your soul best?

ornament by Melissa Michaels
By Melissa Michaels

A: Creating a vignette that might look good in pictures is not necessarily the same as creating a home that makes you feel safe, comfortable, peaceful day to day. I want to be surrounded by what I love. And I really want to love living in my entire home, not just create pretty pictures of a few corners that don’t actually work for me in real life.

I place a lot of value on how my home feels when I’m in it. When my home feels right as I walk through it, I feel more creative and at peace. I’m in the process of a few redecorating projects in my home right now so it is hard to say which room is going to end up nurturing my soul the most. Ask me again in six months and I might have a better idea!  

Q: You mentioned that you love having things in your home that have meaning and history. During the holidays, do you have a particular Christmas trinket or item that you take out every year because of its history and meaning? We’d love to learn more about it!

A: We have Christmas ornaments our kids have made over the years, and special decorations we’ve collected that remind us of different times in our family’s history. It is always fun to see those items come out of the Christmas boxes and retell the stories we associate with each one. We have snow globes my grandma gave to our girls when they were little, sweet little hand painted hot chocolate mugs we look forward to using every year, the star our family finally got after years of always wanting a star for the top of our tree.

Q: If a reader were to ask you, “I’d like to decorate my living room this Christmas in a classic holiday design,” what tips would you give her? How would you decorate her living room with the theme ‘Classic Christmas?’

A: To me, a classic Christmas would start with the basics of a traditional Christmas. Wreaths in the windows, a fresh cut Christmas tree with twinkling lights and ornaments old and new, and evergreen garland on the staircase. But along with the basic elements, I think you can bring a personal and creative twist to classic style. If you want to stay classic but still freshen things up, perhaps play with a non-traditional color palette like adding a few pops of pink, orange or lime green, or by introducing a few unexpected twists to your holiday table. Consider using more modern linens at the table or mixing your table decor up with unique serving pieces rather than sticking to the traditional full set of china and matching serving dishes. When I hear the word classic, I picture a tasteful style that can really transcend time and trends, but I don’t think that means you can’t have a little fun with it!

An interior design that exudes personal meaning and a touch of history is truly essential in creating a timeless and authentic home. Decorating the home with elements that remind you of family and warm childhood memories is something that Melissa and Tree Classics both hope to achieve in our own way.

How do you decorate your home to evoke happy memories of warm family gatherings and holiday celebrations? Share your stories and creative DIY ideas with us by posting a comment below!

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