Creating a Memorable Fall for the Family

The beautiful blend of colors and the nippy weather that fall brings make it a perfect season for outdoor revelries. No wonder it’s an easy choice of many families when it comes to their favorite season! While fall is also abuzz with school activities and other celebrations, what makes it more memorable are family bonding moments. Here are some ideas to turn fall into a cozy, family affair:

Open the Season with a Leaf Fight

Bring out the child in you and show children the importance of relishing simple joys by jumping in a pile of fallen leaves and having a leaf fight. Wake everybody up in the wee hours of the morning, countdown to sunrise, and then have a blast throwing leaves at each other. If you don’t have a yard with a tree, head out to a park early in the morning and have fun. Invite your closest family friends for more laughs. Don’t forget to collect leaves!

Go on a Family Photo Walk or Foliage Drive

Photo walks are a great way to capture the colors of autumn with your family. Scout for a nature trail and take pictures of nature. Don’t forget to capture the smiles on everyone’s faces! Make a collage or frame the photos for a lovely display on your wall. Another alternative is to go for a bike ride or foliage drive and simply marvel at the changing colors of tree leaves. Again, these are great times to gather more leaves.

Make Fall Decorating a Family Act

Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath and Garland

Put all the leaves you’ve gathered to good use by making leaf crafts. Press the dried leaves you’ve collected and hunt around for other materials like sprigs of berries, flowers, grasses, hay, and twigs. Gather in your family room and make homemade fall décor and Halloween décor to give your home an autumn feel. Make a wreath, pumpkin lanterns, faux spider web garlands, and your very own scarecrow. Before you know it, your home will be bursting with fall memories.

Visit an Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

Walk through an apple orchard for some apple-picking as you bask in the beautiful ambiance of nature. Have a bite or two but don’t forget to bring home a basket full of fresh apples! Go to a pumpkin patch and choose a few to turn into jack o’ lanterns and pumpkin topiaries.

Have an Autumn Cook Fest

Your checklist won’t be complete without turning those apples and pumpkins into sumptuous treats! Bake beloved autumn goodies, from applesauce and apple pies to pumpkin cookies and bread. Make a little extra of everything to use as surprise gifts for friends.

Enjoy a Harvest Festival

Harvest festivals are perfect settings for memories you’ll treasure for years to come. From music and art shows to fun rides and delicious food, harvest festivals spell hours of merriment for your family.

Go Camping

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the season by having a family camping trip. This doesn’t have to be somewhere really far. Your main goal is to have some quality family time and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever the activity, give it a personalized, creative name and transform it into a family fall tradition you’ll look forward to year after year.


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