Homemade Gifts for Thanksgiving Guests

Fall is a most anticipated season with its beautiful colors and crisp air, beckoning us to go outdoors and relish nature’s beauty. The cozy ambiance of the season also heralds Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends. Welcome your Thanksgiving guests with much love with these homemade gift ideas:

Heartwarming Wreath

Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath

wreath is a lovely decorative piece that symbolizes life and love. A homemade wreath gives a sense of uniqueness and warmth, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones that they can display on their porch. An autumn wreath is simple to make, as well as versatile. Starting from the basic grapevine wreath, choose other materials based on your preferred theme. Berry sprigs, flowers, ribbons, dried wheat, and even dried corn cobs all bring a touch of autumn to the front porch. The possibilities are endless with flowers coming in bright colors or more neutral hues. Dark red, bright yellow and pale orange hues work well with a few white elements. You can work with a few small bouquets of hydrangea arranged on one side or a few large flowers grouped together at the bottom part of the wreath. Add berry and tiny flower sprigs or a bow to complement the design. For a more countryside appeal, use dried grass or corn cobs accentuated by a few flowers.

Appetizing Food Gifts

apple sauce
Apple Sauce from A Farm Girl Dabbles

What better way to express the warmth of the season than with food! With apple orchards brimming with fruit this time of year, apple-based dishes embody fall. If you love working in the kitchen, make your own applesauce or mini apple pies for a sumptuous gift. Applesauce is a great option since it can be used throughout the season, and you can place it in a pretty jar with a personalized tag. If you’re pressed for time, a gift basket with fresh food items will do. Fill a wicker basket with apples, a bunch of grapes, and a small bouquet of flowers. Salted pumpkin seeds and tea bags are also interesting additions. Finish the basket off with a ribbon.

Fall-inspired Candles

Spiced Candles from Little House Living

Give scented candles a touch of autumn by trimming the glass holders. White votive candles in clear glass holders or those in light hues like peach work best for this project. Use pieces of colorful, lacy fabric with flower and leaf designs for a more cheerful appeal.

Blessing Box

blessing box
Blessing Box from Jenni Kayne

Signal the coming of autumn while celebrating Thanksgiving by giving a decoupage blessing box. A blessing box is a charming Thanksgiving family tradition, making it the perfect gift for families. Find old boxes, cookie jars or tins, then cut out flower, leaf, bird, or insect designs from old, glossy magazines. Place glue on the back of the cut-outs and arrange on the box or tin based on your design. Create several layers to fill the box if you wish.

Shower love and gratitude on family friends as you share in the beautiful moment of Thanksgiving with these gift ideas.

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