A Lot Like Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

The song’s on loop in our minds and the following images of holiday love are making us more and more excited for the Christmas season. From merry-go-rounds to gumdrops, these delightful pictures are sure to put anyone in the mood for Christmas.

By the Boardwalk

Eric Wittman spotted this holiday tree while visiting San Diego one Christmas. “Being from Kansas, I found a Christmas tree on the boardwalk of Ocean Beach to be incredibly fascinating. I loved seeing the normally wintery icon in such a warm spot.”

Miniature Christmas

Bazaars and shops offer all sorts of trinkets that can catch our fancy during the season. This miniature tree caught Barbara Piancastelli‘s eye. “I took this picture in a Christmas market and the atmosphere was really great!”


At the Rathaus Christmas market in Vienna, photographer Tao captured the joy in one of the market-goer’s eyes. She must have seen something she really liked!

Gumdrops and Icing


Gingerbread houses are big during the holidays. Brad Montgomery shares the story behind his intriguing picture. “I was involved in something called ‘The Daily Shoot,’ which was a play to shoot at least one photo a day, and each day had a theme. The theme for this particular day was:  ‘It’s the season of giving. Make a photo of a holiday gift you’re giving to someone, either wrapped or unwrapped.’  Not a typical ‘present,’ but it’s something my wife got for the girls while they were all waiting for Christmas. As you might have guessed, the kids broke into the house before I had a chance to see it unscathed. ;)”

We Are Family


More on gingerbread, Kristine Kisky tells us how this delightfully delicious family came to life. “It was my first time ever making gingerbread people, and as I worked, they took on a life of their own. The end result was a colorful family gathered for the holidays, some more thrilled than others at the prospect, just like in real life. ;)”


Christmas collections always make interesting pictures, as Michael Conners spotted in this set of festive nutcrackers. Which one is your favorite?

Holiday Village

Beautifully decorated Christmas trees are a sure-fire way to put anyone in holiday mode. Gracey‘s Christmas village is certainly an inspiration! “That photo was the first year I’d placed the lighted village under the tree. The reason for that wasn’t aesthetic – our cat had taken to chewing the lights on the tree – not the wires so much as the bulbs themselves, and we were trying to find a way to keep her out from under the tree. The village worked for the first couple of years, but after that she figured out how to pick her way through them.”

A Colorful Christmas

The holidays bring with it vibrant reds, golds and greens. Jane M. Sawyer certainly knows how color can liven up Christmas! “The inspiration for this photo was simply the colors and light… I was also trying to improve my photography skills by experimenting in low light conditions. I also love Christmas! I try to get a few pics of our xmas tree every year. It’s always unique :)”

Thanks to all the wonderful photographers who generously shared their holiday pictures with us! Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Let’s wrap up our song! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will start. And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing, right within your heart.” Happy holidays, everyone!

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