Mom Talk Mondays: Making Bonding Time Fun

Spending time with the kids is an important goal because it does more than create close family relationships. Bonding contributes to building the character of your children and providing them with essential life values. Set aside time for talks about how to handle the ups and downs of life! Make learning fun while strengthening your ties with your kids with these ideas.

Bond with Music

Music has a way of bringing people closer together. Go to a music store and listen to different tunes, finding out which kind of music you and your kids both enjoy. At home, play upbeat music and learn the latest dance craze together. In the car, play your favorite CD and sing away! Maybe you’ll discover your kids’ special talents.

Special Kiddie Dinner

A special dinner doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant or at a place the parents decided on. Make that special, once-a-week family dinner a notch more fun by letting your kids choose where to eat out or what they want served at home. Better yet, let them do the menu planning and be the main cooks, with mom and dad simply watching from the sidelines as faithful assistants. From planning to eating, this bonding time will surely be a blast. At the same time, values of leadership, teamwork, and responsibility are inculcated into your kids.

Game Night Fever

Whether it’s something as traditional as playing board games like Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly or something in tune with your kids’ generation, game night never fails to create beautiful memories your kids will treasure into adulthood. Make game night exciting by doing something as old-fashioned as putting together a giant puzzle one time then trying out something new introduced by your kids the next time. If you haven’t tried playing Wii or Xbox yet, give it a go with the kids. You can even have an air guitar contest!

Go on a Date

For more personal time to talk, schedule a special date with each of your kids. Let them tell you what they want to do on the date. This way, you can get to know your kids better by catching up on things they want to talk about in private.

Marvel at Nature

Spend time together with a more serene ambiance by immersing yourself in nature. Take a nature walk and enjoy identifying trees, insects, and animals you encounter. Get down and dirty with the kids in the garden and teach them about the different plants and flowers you have. Sit under a tree and gaze up at interesting cloud formations or watch out for falling stars at night. Start them young at loving and caring for nature.

Get Creative

Enhance your kids’ creativity while also unleashing your own with some arts and crafts. Learn origami together—make origami flowers and display them in your home or make handcrafted cards to give out to friends for the holidays. You both develop your artistry and learn the special value of making your own crafts.

Have Storytelling Sessions

Love for books is a wonderful passion to pass on to your kids. Make bedtime fun by reading a book to your kid then asking what the story means to them. Story time can also be a family affair with you reading the story aloud and the kids acting it out.

Get on the Road

Go for a drive with your kids. A road trip can be something as spontaneous as simply getting in the car and driving to where you arrive after 30 minutes. Share more about yourself by bringing your child to your favorite hang-out, or do some research online and discover someplace new together.

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