Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Decorating During the Holidays

Stroll down any street during the holidays, and you’re sure to be inspired by the wide variety of lighting arrangements you will see. Creating a beautiful light spectacle using your home and landscape as your canvas isn’t as difficult as it may seem – it just takes some vision, planning and lights – plenty of lights. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for outdoor decorating for the holidays:

outdoor porch christmas decoration

Color Scheme and Theme

Maybe you have a certain color scheme in mind for the holidays and maybe that vision changes each year. Maybe lights are your favorite means of expressing your Christmas spirit, and you feel a sense of exhilaration when you creatively light up your outdoor artificial Christmas tree varieties. If you’ve found a Christmas tree clearance or Christmas tree sale and want to make your new trees the prime pieces in your light extravaganza, be sure you purchase enough lights to trim each tree or consider a pre-lit Christmas tree, as long as it fits with your overall color scheme. Create a vibrant palette with a broad spectrum of colors, or select a single color such as red, blue or white, and continue plotting your perfect color scheme.

Snowy White Christmas

If your region doesn’t receive consistent and substantial snowfall, white Christmas trees may give you the snowy look you’ve been looking for. You won’t need to worry about any dusting elements to make the trees look snow-covered. However, if you’re determined to have a White Christmas, even if you live in a temperate area, you can purchase artificial snow to dust the ground. With this theme, choose brightly colored and multi-colored lights to contrast against the white backdrop.

Your Inner Holiday House Designer

The time has come to pool all of your resources, accessories and tools so you can create your very own holiday light show. Sure, you might be tempted to go a little overboard, but it’s your yard. So go with what works for you, within reason and city ordinances.

Ladders, Tools, and Lights

Once you’ve made the plans for your supply of lights in the color scheme you have chosen, it’s time to get started.

  • Gather your supplies in a central location. Organize supplies such as tools, lights and decorations. Pull your artificial Christmas tree out of its protective Christmas tree storage bag and make sure it’s ready for set-up and decoration.
  • Find a safe and reliable outlet that can handle a large electrical load. Since you may be using several strands of lights, as well as different sizes and wattages of bulbs and a heavy duty electrical cord, make sure your outlet has the capacity to safely handle the electrical load.
  • Designate the spots where you want to hang lights. Start hanging lights at the eaves of your home, as well as your porch, to make your house stand out all on its own. Next, move on to the tops of your fence, trees, along the trim of the garage and any other spots you choose.
  • Enlist help to safely and securely hang lights. When it’s time to climb the ladder, use caution. Make sure you have someone to secure the ladder. If there’s already snow and ice on the ground, wait for the ice to melt and the ground to dry before you climb the ladder.
  • Clips help secure lights. Instead of the standard hammer and nails to secure light strands, consider going with clips for each light to decrease the chance of sagging lights.

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