Top Christmas Trends of 2012

Christmas traditions are one of the most anticipated activities of the holiday season, but sometimes we all need to switch it up a little, start new traditions and have a little more creative fun when it comes to making our homes more festive. Keeping up with holiday trends is a great way to be inspired to start new projects that involve the whole family. Not to mention: a unique Christmas tree is sure to have all of your guests buzzing about your decor. To have your home ready by the time the first snow falls, check out these top Christmas trends of 2012.

Grand Fir Christmas Tree

Upside Down Trees

The classic triangle shape of a Christmas tree takes a whole new form with the trend of upside down Christmas trees, which actually began much sooner than its revival today. Upside down Christmas trees were actually a Catholic tradition that began in the Middle Ages, designed to indicate that the tree was not merely a floral decoration, but a symbol of Christianity.

Today, upside down Christmas trees are motivated largely by the unique and eye-catching style they add to the room. Although it might look difficult, hanging your Christmas tree upside down is a fairly easy process that requires a chain, quick links, and a screw eye at your local hardware store. Although this trend can be applied to virtually any tree, it’s recommended that you choose an artificial Christmas tree over a real tree to ensure easier maintenance and reduce the weight on the hanging device. A cool idea to enhance this look is to nail decorative Christmas gift boxes to the ceiling “below” your tree to create an interesting mirror effect.

LED Lights

Love having beautiful lights around the home during the holidays, but hate the high utility bills that always come in at the end of the month? LED lights are the latest and most innovative devices available to help you save money and energy without sacrificing the decorative lights you love. Because they consume less energy, LED lights tend to last longer and generally come with less complications than incandescent light sources. To go green this year, many decorating-enthusiasts are choosing to upgrade to LED lights to make the dark winter season more cheerful.

Although LED lights are largely used for strung Christmas lights, they’re increasingly being used for ornaments as well. These new ornaments can add even more unique color and magical shine to your Christmas tree for a truly breathtaking look.

DIY Decorating

Although elaborate, sophisticated decor never really goes out of style, do-it-yourself is making a comeback for 2012 Christmas trends. With the popularity of online social networking mediums like Pinterest, DIY projects have become more collective with help from bloggers all across the country and even across the world. From hand-painted ornaments to DIY Christmas wreaths, these projects prove that you don’t need to be an expert (or a millionaire) to make your home look like it came straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

These projects aren’t just for saving money, but can also give you the much-needed opportunity to get creative during the holidays and even relieve some stress from your hectic schedule. Make these activities even more personal and engaging by inviting the whole family in for a night of bonding and creating your own unique crafts.

Unlike most fashion trends that vary season to season, these Christmas decorating trends are motivated largely by a practical purpose of saving time, money and energy while simultaneously making your home look great. Although these new trends and traditions may change, they each emphasize a focus on the unique spirit of Christmas as a holiday promoting joy and family togetherness. So, if you’re getting bored with your holiday decor, mix it up this year and save some money by incorporating these three cutting edge Christmas tree trends.

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