Blogger Feature: Rhoda M. Vickers of Southern Hospitality

A GRITS (girl raised in the South) who loves decorating and thrifting, Rhoda M. Vickers began her blog, Southern Hospitality, in early 2007. What started out as something ‘for fun’ became Rhoda’s personal journal as she faced drastic changes in her life, from a failed marriage to financial breakdown. In her journey, Rhoda shares her life’s ups and downs and her ideas on how to make a house into a home. A collector who loves giving old objects a new lease on life, she hopes to inspire others through her adventures in establishing a beautiful home without spending a fortune by unleashing inner creativity. Read on and learn about this steel magnolia and her heartwarming passions.

rhoda m. vickers flying santa
Photo by Rhoda M. Vickers of Southern Hospitality

Q: You chronicle your home renovation journeys so well in your blog. Readers are involved with your step-by-step narration and the helpful advice that comes with it. Do tell us what it is about home decorating that triggers you to share your experiences with your readers.

A: I have loved decorating ever since I moved in my first house back in 1985. The decorating process is so personal and such a big part of my life that sharing online became a natural outpouring of that creativity. I’ve been online since the internet began and loved hanging out on decorating boards way before blogs began. Blogging was the next step and sharing with my readers has changed my life in so many ways. I’m so blessed that I have such a loyal following of readers who love to watch my home renovation and enjoy seeing all the decorating shared too. I love keeping up with new ideas and staying fresh with my home decor too.

Q: Thrifting is one of your talents and you’ve applied this well to decorating a home without spending a fortune. What tips and tricks would you give an amateur thrifter? Any tips on how to find treasures in antique markets?

A: I just look for things that catch my eye and not necessarily expensive items, but pieces that I know will fit in my home. I collect white pottery pieces and now have too much, but items grouped together have a nice impact in decorating a space. Mixing vintage with new is a great way to get that collected over time look too. No one wants to live in a catalog home where everything is brand new.

rhoda m. vickers aqua mantel
Photo by Rhoda M. Vickers of Southern Hospitality

Q: Your home is currently coming together and your readers are definitely eager to know how you’ll be decking out your new home this holiday season. Do you already have ideas on how you’ll be decorating your new home this Christmas? Can we take a peek?

A: Yes, I’ve already been thinking about it, although I’m still knee-deep in packing boxes and getting things in place around here. I’m under the gun trying to get the house put together before I can even bring out the Christmas boxes. I have a few collections that I’ll get out again this year, incorporating aqua blue with mercury glass and silver, natural elements and even a pretty multi colored tree that makes me happy. It will be fun to mix it up in my new house all over again.

I’m attaching a couple of pics from my old house, 2 years ago, so that’s a peek at what will be happening again this year.

Q: During the holidays, do you have a particular Christmas trinket or item that you take out every year no matter what the theme of your holiday decorating is? We’d love to learn about the story behind these items!

A: I do have a few favorite ornaments that I’ve had for many years, but my faves are probably my collection of mercury glass that I started about 5 years ago. The sparkle and shimmer of mercury glass is just so pretty during the holidays.

Q: If a reader were to ask you, “I’d like to decorate my living room this Christmas in a classic holiday design,” what tips would you give her? How would you decorate her living room with the theme ‘Classic Christmas?’

A:  Classic Christmas can mean different things to different people, but I’d say using the classic colors of red and green along with natural elements. The last few years, I’ve really gotten into using pinecones, acorns and natural greenery, mixed with pretty ribbons and a little glitz and bling too. I love it all and a mix if what makes it fun for me, so in my home, you’ll see natural and elegant all mixed together with some fun thrown in.

Rhoda pays homage to time-honored pieces that give a house that homey, cozy feel while also radiating elegance. This is just what Tree Classics is all about too – instilling a warm ambiance through holiday décor with vintage charm.

How do you turn your house into a home? Share your decorating tips with us in the comments below!

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