Essential Storage Accessories for Your Holiday Decor

Many Christmas decorations hold more than just monetary value. Since a large bulk of your Christmas decorations are probably homemade by kids and loved ones, these holiday items are special to say the least. To keep your precious holiday decor and your tree protected year after year, upgrade to one or more of these Christmas storage accessories.

1. Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag
Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag

If you’re going with an environmentally-friendly artificial Christmas tree this year, you’re going to want to make sure your tree is kept safe when you’re not using it, so you can take full advantage of these long-lasting, budget-friendly alternatives. A Tree Classics Tree Saver Storage Bag is one convenient option for safe and simple storage, which stands upright and keeps your tree compact without compromising quality. There’s no need to go through the whole process of disassembling your tree either, since all you need to do is remove your ornaments and zip up the bag for easy set-up and storage.

2. Garland and Wreath Keeper Bags

wreath storage bag
Wreath Storage Bag

Just like trees, garlands and wreaths need to be stored properly to prevent leaves and branches from bending, breaking or losing their shape in any way. A garland keeper bag is the perfect solution for staying organized and keeping your garland protected. Garland bags often come with hook accessories to keep the garland wrapped, which avoids tangles and general contact to prevent damage. Best of all? Hooks let you hang your entire garland bag in the storage area of your home to save space.

3. Ornament Organizers

48-Piece Adjustable Ornament Organizer

All of those beautiful fragile ornaments you hang on the tree every year are the most likely to incur damage as a result of poor storage. Keeping your ornaments safe from damage begins with keeping them organized, which is why compartmentalized storage containers are ideal for these kinds of decorations. Separate compartments for each ornament make it easy to both take down and put up decorations each and every year. Whenever possible, look for storage trays with handles for greater versatility and portability.

Keeping your Christmas decorations safe has a highly practical purpose that enhances convenience, cost-efficiency and the overall quality of your belongings. These three simple storage options are affordable and easy to apply to your typical routine, while extending the life of your decor and saving you both time and money in the long run.

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