5 Heartwarming Gifts for Grandparents

A grandmother and grandchild holding hands

September 8 is a special day for the family: it’s Grandparents’ Day! Tree Classics recommends five treasures that say how much you love Grandpa and Grandma. Make these together as a family and celebrate the wonderful people in your life.

Hug Pillow

Grandparents love it when the kids give them big hugs. Every time Grandma and Grandpa miss your little ones, let them give your kids’ personalized hug pillow a tight squeeze. Make a cute pillow that features the children’s handprints, names, photographs, or baby clothes. You can also ask them to write a sweet note for Grammy and Grampy, and put this on a postcard-inspired pillow.

Luggage Locator + Personalized Keychain

Show that the whole family is always thinking of Grandpa and Grandma by gifting them with something they can take even during their travels. This luggage locator will assist them in finding their checked-in bags from the carousel at airports. For an extra special touch, attach the remote transmitter of the luggage locator to a personalized keychain that features your kids’ artwork and name.

Photo Book / Corkboard with Pictures

Express your love and appreciation for the grandparents in your life. Design a Grandparents’ Day photo book using images taken throughout the year, as well as old favorites that your grandparents can browse through. You can also make corkboards and photo holders featuring cute pictures or silly expressions of grandkids. This gift, along with a heartfelt note, is guaranteed to make Grandpa and Grandma smile!

Flowering Plants in Personalized Pots

Make Grandma and Grandpa feel special when you gift them with a carefully chosen flowering plant. Giving plants as a gift is always a charming and affordable way to surprise Grams and Gramps. This beautiful gift becomes even more sentimental when the pot is decorated with the grandkids’ hand or footprints.  Get extra crafty by making a photo flower pot that features their fun pictures.

Artwork by Grandchildren

Art projects for kids and parents make for wonderful keepsakes for grandparents. Have the kids draw something special for Grandpa and Grandma, and embroider or trace these drawings using a fine tip Sharpie on a tote bag, bookmark, or tea towels.

From sharing funny anecdotes to teaching new things, grandparents shower grandkids with love and enrich their lives in so many ways. Say “Thank you!” by gifting them with heartwarming presents on Grandparents’ Day!

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