Different Types of Christmas Trees: Full, Narrow, Slim, and Flatback Trees

Artificial Christmas trees provide a great alternative to real trees, since they remain evergreen and require minimal maintenance. They also come in shapes and sizes to suit various spaces, whether it’s a small apartment or a large home. Here, we’ve identified four different types of Christmas trees for you to choose from:

1. The Full Tree

Different types of Christmas trees - Full Christmas tree
Our Grand Fir Christmas tree

This features the classic shape of the Christmas trees we know and love. With lush foliage and a broad profile, a full tree makes a grand statement in the center of your foyer or living area.

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Full Christmas tree

(L-R) Grand Fir | Alberta Spruce | Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree

How to Decorate a Full Christmas Tree

If you love to experiment with decorations, this type of tree gives you a big canvas for your creativity. Drape ribbons for color and texture, then hang your ornaments in layers. Start with a base of Christmas balls and finish up with your favorite accents. 

2. The Narrow Tree

Decorated narrow Christmas tree
Photo of the Majestic Blue Spruce courtesy of Savvy Southern Style

Narrow Christmas trees have the look of a traditional tree with a smaller footprint, making them ideal for compact homes and apartments. These also work well as a secondary holiday display in your dining room, kitchen, or guest room.

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Different types of Christmas trees - Narrow Christmas trees

(L-R) Narrow Kennedy Fir | Majestic Blue Spruce | Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree

How to Decorate a Narrow Christmas Tree

For an elegant look, try a neutral color scheme with metallic Christmas balls and dainty floral picks. If you want your tree to appear fuller, mix decorations of different textures and sizes. Large ornaments and bows help create a grand display.

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3. The Slim Tree

Oregonian Slim Christmas Tree
Photo of the Oregonian Slim courtesy of The Sunny Side Up Blog

Slim or skinny Christmas trees bring instant cheer to narrow rooms and tight corners. Also called pencil trees, these give the illusion of height and are the perfect space-saving solution for holiday decorating.

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Different types of Christmas trees - Slim or pencil Christmas trees

(L-R) Oregonian Slim | Empire Pencil Tree

How to Decorate a Slim Christmas Tree

To highlight the profile of your skinny tree, dress it up with minimal ornaments. Emphasize height with ribbons that cascade from the top to bottom. For balance, hang small ornaments on the upper part of the tree and bigger ones on the lower section.

4. The Flatback Tree

Flatback Christmas tree
Photo courtesy of Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Flatback trees provide another alternative for limited spaces. Taking up only half the floor space of a traditional tree, these rest flat against the wall but resemble a full tree from the front.

How to Decorate a Flatback or Half Christmas Tree

These are easy to decorate, since they look like full trees but require half the ornaments. Choose a festive red and green theme or go beyond the classic Christmas colors. For more decorating ideas to inspire you, visit our Best of 2018 post.

We hope this gave you a better understanding of the different types of Christmas trees and what works best for your holiday home. For more tips on choosing your perfect artificial tree, check our buyer’s guide here.

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