Decorating Ideas for your Christmas Stockings

Stuffed Christmas stockings are always so nice to wake up to, making Christmas mornings even more exciting for the family. Inspire charm and cheer in your home by spicing up your Christmas stockings this holiday season with these decorating ideas.

Sequins for Sparkle

If you are recycling unused socks for Christmas, and you want to give it some shimmer, sew sequins onto them for embellishment. Using a variety of colors will give each a festive touch. Make sure to cover the entire socks with the shiny sequins to make them glitter from any angle.

Colorful Accents

Metallic Christmas baubles are not just for the Christmas tree – they can go with a lot of things as well. Adorn your Christmas stockings with small colorful Christmas balls just like tassels. These accents not only add a playful touch, they also draw attention to the stockings, tempting anyone to take a peek even before Christmas day.

Evergreen Leaves

There is something enchanting about evergreens that will keep you wanting them on every part of your home for the holidays. Add a vibrant touch to your stockings by stuffing some evergreen leaves after completely filling them with treats. This finishing touch makes the stockings more interesting to look at. Allow the evergreens to peek through the opening so others can appreciate the beauty of nature even with just a tiny part of it.


Add a finishing touch to your Christmas stocking with a ribbon. Choose a ribbon color that contrasts with the socks for it to stand out. Patterned ribbons look great on stockings with solid color, while plain ribbons stick out better on patterned fabrics.

Personalized Stockings with Embroidery, Paint or Applique

Customizing each stocking will make it easier for the giver to know where to place each treat. But more importantly, it makes each stocking special for the owner. There are many ways to label each stocking – you can have them embroidered, sewn with name appliques, or painted. Whichever way you choose to create personalized Christmas stockings, it’s always a heartwarming feeling to know that everyone in your home is well-accounted for.

Christmas stockings are exceptional pieces of holiday decorations because of the thought that comes with hanging and filling them up. Give them your personal touch and style to make them one-of-a-kind for a more special Christmas morning.

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