DIY Valentine’s Day Cards



That time of year has come again, the perfect occasion to shower family, friends, and loved ones with thoughtful gifts and tender words of affection. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, there is still time to come up with creative gifts; change the tradition of cheesy, unimaginative gifts by giving something more personal and from the heart.

In this post, Tree Classics features a few DIY Valentine’s cards that will show its recipient how much thought and care you put into creating the perfect Valentine’s gift.

The “Blow Me a Kiss” Valentine’s Day Card

As cute Valentine’s cards go, this may be one of the most adorable you can make. Using one of your photos and a novelty whistle in the shape of lips, this personalized card from Lil Luna is something you can give to your spouse, children, or even your parents. What’s more, it is one of the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day cards to make, and one of the most memorable. All you have to do is print out a photo, create a hole on the lip portion, and insert the whistle.

The “Hand on Heart” Valentine’s Day Card

Make it even more personal by placing a handprint on your DIY Valentine’s cards similar to these cards from I Heart Naptime. This is especially fun for the kids, as it involves getting their hands “dirty.” Let them create the shape of a heart or other unique patterns using only their handprint to hone their creativity. Provide them with arts and crafts tools so they can draw or scribble on the card.

The “Page-turner” Valentine’s Day Card

This Valentine’s Day bookmark from Positively Splendid is something any bookworm would love. Not to mention, they will remember you every time they mark a page on a book they’re reading. Even non-bibliophiles will appreciate the gesture, and maybe get them started on reading as a hobby.

The “8-bit” Valentine’s Day Card

For the tech geeks, here is something that will make their day. This pixelated heart pop-up card from Mini Eco is further proof that the language of love is universal. With some colored art paper and an exacto-knife, you can create a nostalgic, tech-related memento that any computer or video game geek will love. Its minimalistic look will also ensure that the focus is on your message and not on fancy designs.

How about you; do you have any unique ideas for DIY Valentine’s cards? Please feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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