DIY Bouquets for Spring

Flowers provide us with an effortless and natural way to decorate, while inspiring and uplifting ambience with their scent. Any floral arrangement displayed at home not only keeps the household in tune with the outdoors, but also gives the home a fresh look. But more than their invigorating presence, flowers actually help keep you happy! Studies show that flowers are a good moderator of moods, helping you become more satisfied in life. Reap these benefits this spring by prettifying your home with these easy DIY bouquet arrangements.

Pretty Gerbera and Vero White Daisies

Wedding Daisies with lemon slices in a jar
Wedding Daisies by Mrs. Dolphin of

This DIY centerpiece is simple to make. To start, put a few lemon slices in a vase with water. Add in some vero white and a few vibrantly colored gerbera daisies to give the arrangement pops of color. According to behavioral research, people are more compassionate toward others and are less anxious when there are fresh-cut flowers around. So even with such a simple arrangement, your loved ones will feel more relaxed and affectionate.

Bright Yellow Daffodils

Spring Arrangement
Spring Arrangement by Matthew Robbins via Wedding Chicks

Any room will instantly become full of life with this yellow daffodils spring arrangement. Just imagine what a lovely day it will be when these bright flowers greet you in the morning with their sunny color!Put them in the living room, bedroom, or in the porch to brighten up your mood all day long. Get the detailed instructions to this beautiful Matthew Robbins spring arrangement here.

Spring-Inspired Flowers and Carrot Centerpiece

This spring-inspired flowers and carrots centerpiece is a creative way to make guests feel like they’re right in your garden. Displayed in the foyer, living room, or dining room, spring blooms create a sharing atmosphere, and make the areas of the home welcoming and conducive to positive feelings and emotions.

Spring Door Display

Whether placed on the table or on the door, flowers can have a positive effect on your mood both at home and at work. Research suggests that people with flowers in their house are more likely to feel happier and be more enthusiastic about their jobs.

When it comes to flower containers, you can use almost anything. Look around the home for something unusual and unique such as an umbrella or an antique watering can to create this wonderful spring display of pink tulips.

Spring Bouquet in a Basket

Tulips, daffodils, pussy willows, and a nice wicker basket make up this gorgeous spring centerpiece. Display it in the kitchen or in any area of the house where families tend to gather in the morning so everyone can start the day in a positive mood. With a picturesque basket of flowers to marvel at, you are likely to transfer the good morning vibes to others.

More than just being decorative, flowers have a positive impact on our well-being. Celebrate spring time by decorating your home with these beautiful and simple-to-make spring bouquets.

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