St. Patrick’s Day Décor



Of all Irish traditions, the St. Patrick’s Day festival is arguably the most popular in the country. Homes and streets turn green as they are filled with four-leaf clovers and other symbols that commemorate the works of St. Patrick. If you are looking for unique and fun ways to decorate your home for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, look into your own creativity to create personal and memorable home décor.

In this post, Tree Classics features a few St. Patrick’s Day ideas with which you can start.

Apothecary Jars of the Emerald Isle

Although apothecary jars are not common home décor items, their unique shape makes them very versatile. Fill them up with greenery and other green items and they can be used to decorate any room in your home. The great thing about them is that you can switch out their contents with whatever is appropriate for the next holiday. You can use one large jar or combine jars of different shapes and sizes to create an elegant Irish ensemble.

The Irish Garden

What better way to welcome the St. Patrick’s Day festival than with Mother Nature’s own green hues? Plants are ideal St. Patrick’s Day décor because of their color and the variety of shapes and sizes in which they come. Potted plants, topiaries, and wreaths are just some of the greenery you can use to spruce up a mantel, corridor, or entryway. You can add a touch of the holiday to planters and vases as well by painting them in the holiday’s official color or using containers in the shape of “pots of gold.”

For a truly Irish indoor garden, place a bouquet of Bells of Ireland blooms into a clear glass vase and display on your mantel or dinner table.

Lucky Throws

Your living room is where you welcome your guests and where the family usually enjoys downtime. Make it a cozy sanctuary with these “lucky” throws. You can buy St. Patrick’s Day-inspired pillow cases or go the DIY route for a more personal design. Take a look at this Lucky Pillow DIY from Say Yes for a quick tutorial.

Lucky Milk Bottles

In lieu of apothecary or mason jars, you can use old milk bottles for a more amusing and youthful take on the holiday. Personalize them with stickers or paint them in a green shamrock pattern to give it that St. Patrick’s Day touch. If you have clear glass milk bottles, fill them with green sand, pebbles, and some Bells of Ireland or use the bottles to serve some Irish beverages.

St. Patrick’s Day Banners

Spread the St. Patrick’s Day spirit around your home by decorating it with these lovely banners. All you need are old Irish map illustrations and green art paper. Cut the maps into banners and the green art paper into small hearts. Arrange these hearts into a shamrock pattern on the banners and use rope or string to hang them above your mantel, along corridors, and on entryways.

Try these ideas out and see if you can come up with your very own décor themes. Whatever you do, remember to do it together with friends and family to double the fun.

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