The 5 Essentials of a Rustic-themed Home


Rustic home décor brings to mind visions of a quiet log cabin glowing with a rich palette of earthy browns, burnt yellows, and orange hues. Bring this picturesque look and feel to your own home by learning about the elements that make up a rustic theme.

In this post, Tree Classics presents rustic home décor ideas that you can easily apply in your favorite rooms.

Décor Planning


All successful home decorating ideas begin with careful planning. The modern rustic theme is a combination of old-world charm and modern practicality. Because you’re blending two different looks, it’s important that each element of your home décor is planned to avoid ambiguity. Decide at the onset if you want one style to be more prominent or if you want an even balance between the two.

Rustic Colors


Rustic colors tend to be on the brighter side, such as blazing orange, elegant gold, and dynamic lime green, while modern hues tend to be cooler and more neutral, such as pale gray, light blue, and white. One approach to rustic home decorating is to use modern colors as a base, and then add rustic colors as an accent. The opposite approach is also a good possibility. If you decide to paint your walls with bright rustic colors, remember to paint other walls with warm, neutral colors, such as beige or cream, for a balanced look.  Remember, walls are the biggest design element in your décor, so decide carefully before painting them.

Rustic Textures


Texture is a vital element of rustic home décor and is one of the best ways to bring countryside charm to any space. Dark brown wood panels and stone backsplashes are common in rustic themes, but even a simple framed photograph of fallen leaves can help add to the atmosphere. Almost any texture found in nature can be used to achieve the effect. Old décor and furniture, such as wooden crates and burlap trimmings, also work well as accents.

Rustic Lighting


When it comes to lighting fixtures, keep to neutral-colored finishes, such as dark brown, brushed gold, and bronze. The design of your lighting choices is also important; candelabra-type chandeliers and lamps with simple floral accents help bring a rustic feel to any space. You can also try the DIY route with a lighting kit and some mason jars for a more unique and personalized look.

Rustic Accents


When considering accent pieces, try complementing modern-themed interiors with rustic accents, and vice versa. To distinguish between the two themes, remember that the rustic look reflects nature in its colors and overall style, while the modern look is more sleek and technology-oriented. Mix and match modern and rustic elements in your accents, such as a bouquet of wildflowers placed in a stainless steel vase or an LED light strip with an old-fashioned lighting fixture, to create a pleasing ensemble of old and new.

Decorating your home with a rustic look becomes easier and more organized with these essential design tips. If you have a rustic home décor plan or any rustic home décor ideas of your own, please feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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