How to Decorate with Mirrors

Searching for ways to give your room more depth and a well-balanced look? Mirrors are an often overlooked means to decorate any space. Whether repurposed or new, they can be used in a multitude of ways, with minimal fuss. Learn how to decorate with mirrors like a pro with these tips from Tree Classics.

Hello, Sunshine

Mirrors are perfect for brightening up any room. They’re functional, pretty, and will help cut back on electricity costs, too. Position mirrors near windows to allow them to reflect natural light, and sit back to enjoy the effect.

TC tip: Choose mirrors that go well with the rest of your room’s décor. If you can’t find a perfect match, look for one with simple lines and colors. Should you decide to change things up in the future, your mirror will still complement the new design.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Think of your wide walls as a blank canvas. Turn bland and boring to beautiful, and add visual interest by putting up mirrors to break up the space.

TC tip: Pick mirrors of varying shapes and sizes, but within a general theme, to pull the look together. You can add other items, like small framed photos and mementos, at different intervals to make it even more interesting.

Stunning Focal Point

Create an eye-catching focal point with a well-chosen mirror. Aside from adding depth, a well-designed mirror can be a good conversation booster, too.

TC tip: Choose wisely: whimsical or creative designs are great, but avoid anything that will make your room seem too trendy. Place your mirror at eye level, at any point in the room that you feel needs more visual interest and detail.

Showcase that Swag

Make rooms more beautiful by pairing your mirror with other décor. For seasonal holidays, pick garlands and wreaths with traditional embellishments, interspersed with gorgeous ornaments, for that celebratory vibe. For the rest of the year, choose a simpler garland to evoke the beauty of nature in your home, without making it feel too dated or seasonal.

TC tip: Pick a mirror that won’t clash with your decorations. Choose something sturdy as well, so it can support your swag.

Double the Room

Think your room looks cramped? No need to start breaking down walls – a well-placed mirror will do the trick. Mirrors give the illusion of larger space; they open up a room and make intimate spaces feel bigger.

TC tip: Think BIG. Mirrors that run half the height of your wall or go from floor to ceiling are good choices. Remember that the larger the mirror, the more spacious your room will appear.

Get Creative

Mirrors and dry-erase markers may be the answer to your current design dilemma. Dry-erase markers write well on glass surfaces, so you’ll be able to stretch your creative muscles in terms of designing your mirror. Customising the design makes it more meaningful too.

TC tip: Sky’s the limit. You can put inspirational quotes, use stencils for elaborate designs, make checklists for forgetful spouses, write down the menu for the week, or even let your kids have fun doodling. Think out of the box and have a blast!

Loving any of these mirror-decorating tips? Have some of your own to share? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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