5 Festive Christmas in July Invitation Ideas

As summer makes its way across the country, another Christmas in July season comes with it. This time of year presents a great opportunity to beat the summer heat by recreating the joy of Christmas. Some choose to invite their closest friends for a cozy gathering while others have the entire neighborhood over for a backyard bonanza. Whichever you decide, be sure to announce your party with panache by reading these creative Christmas in July invitation ideas from Tree Classics.

The “Sand Snowman”

Do you wanna build a “sand snowman?” Recreate everyone’s favorite frosted character with a summer twist on your next beach getaway. Afterwards, take a photo of yourself sitting next to it and use this photo to create postcards that double as Christmas in July invitations.

The “Sunnies”

These candy cane-inspired “sunnies” are fun accessories with a Christmas twist. Attach a card tag to a pair and they become a fun party-favor-and-invitation-in-one. What’s great about this is that your guests can wear the quirky sunglasses to the party. For extra variety, send them out in two colors—lipstick red, and forest green.

The Message in a Bottle

For a true-blue coastal party invitation, do away with the envelopes and use novelty bottles instead. Roll up your invitation and place it in a bottle together with some sand and shells to recreate a miniature seaside scene. You can tie the invitation with a small ribbon or use a wax seal for an added touch of class. This invitation is perfect for a Caribbean-themed pool party or a beach luau. For a more compact alternative, use small test tubes in lieu of bottles. Novelty bottles are available at The Original Message in a Bottle™ Shop.

The Summer Snowman

Give your guests a glimpse of the enjoyment to come through this simple yet charming invitation. This summer snowman ornament is dressed for the sunny weather and comes with a hollow glass body where you can place your invitation together with some sand and shells for a beach-themed spectacle. It can also serve as a party souvenir, ensuring that your guests do not forget your Christmas in July party anytime soon. The snowman ornament pictured above is available at Zulily.

The Flip Flop

Flip flop sandals represent the laidback and unhampered personality of the summertime. By creating invitations in the shape of flip flops, you not only announce your party’s theme but hint at how guests should dress. Perfect for pool parties, these invitations are quick and simple to make. Check out this tutorial from The Mom Views for detailed instructions.

Welcome the sunny season with a blast through a Christmas in July party and these summer Christmas party invitation ideas. If you have ever wished that Christmas came more than once a year, this is your chance to make that happen. Bring out the Christmas tree and other décor, give them a summer twist, and invite family and friends for a memorable Christmas celebration sans the holiday rush and cold weather.

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