A Senior Citizens’ Day Celebration to Remember

In 1988, US President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 declaring the 21st of August as National Senior Citizens’ Day. This day has since been reserved to honor the country’s revered elders. As post–World War II baby boomers, today’s older generations have much to do with the rapid growth of the economy, and the unprecedented protection of human rights in America, for which all future generations can be thankful.

With this in mind, today’s post features some activities for senior citizens that will allow them to both have fun and remember the reason behind this special day. If you are a member of the respected elderly, this post is dedicated to you.

A Day of Recognition

Contact your local elderly community and organize a day of recognition. Check their activity schedule and ask when the best time is to hold an event. The event need not be extravagant, and it does not have to be limited to senior citizens. With members of the younger community present, they can also share their stories and talk about how the elderly community has shaped their lives. This may even be the start of a regular event, which would be amazing for the community.

Viral Appreciation

Get in touch with bloggers and online publications and ask if they would like to run a story featuring an elderly person’s life, struggle, and accomplishments. This is a great way to let the online community know about senior citizens’ contributions to society. It also works as an excellent adjunct to the day of recognition mentioned above. Print out the articles and show them to other seniors who may appreciate them, or have them posted on a community bulletin board.

Notes from the Heart


Showing your appreciation can be as simple as writing a personal note to send to the elderly in your life, or giving them a call. Tell them how they are needed and appreciated. The note need not be long; just a simple “I thought of you today. Let’s chat soon.” can do wonders to uplift their spirits.

Senior Citizens’ Day Out


Celebrate Senior Citizens’ Day by spending a relaxing afternoon about town with a couple of friends or loved ones. Stores and restaurants often hold promotions and offer special discounts related to the holiday. Look for the best deals in your area for shopping and dining. Alternatively, you can have a simple picnic at the local park.

Remember to look beyond the activities scheduled for the day and simply live in the moment. If you’re going to the trouble of holding an event or planning an outing to spend time with someone you appreciate, make sure that they have your undivided attention. Rather than the food you ate or the itinerary that you planned, it’s the conversations shared and the gestures made that are likely to be remembered best.

Have a happy and meaningful Senior Citizens’ Day!

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