5 Ornament Wreath Ideas for the Holidays

If you have a good number of old ornaments tucked away in an old box or some recyclables lying around, or you just have some time to spare and are willing to purchase a few items, these creative ornament wreath ideas from Tree Classics will help you put a twist on your yearly holiday home decorations by creating a wreath made entirely out of ornaments.

Bring New Life to Old Ornaments

Jen's DIY Ornament Wreath
Jen Lutz’ DIY Ornament Wreath

Don’t let the ornaments you’ve bought seasons past go to waste, tucked away and forgotten. Try bringing these veteran pieces back to life and continue using them in your home décor for this year’s holidays.

This idea involves stringing old classic ornaments together into a wreath. The brilliance of this is that it not only costs little or nothing to make, but it also tugs at the heartstrings of anyone familiar with the old ornaments that you choose to use.

DIY with Paper Ornaments

If you don’t have old ornaments lying around, or you’re simply looking for something entirely new this season, this concept is almost the same as the previous, except you use homemade paper ornaments instead of old ones.

With a paper DIY ornament wreath, you can cut shapes and characters from paper, wrap them around the coil or frame of a wreath, and viola—you’ve got yourself an item that is personalized, beautiful, simple, and potentially a whole new tradition of creating paper wreaths for the holiday season.

Substitute Ornaments with Flowers

Floral Wreath by Wheelchair Mommy
Floral Wreath by Wheelchair Mommy

Floral wreaths can be made from natural flowers or artificial ones, but real flowers are more difficult to work with, can be hard to find during the winter, and will inevitably wilt.

It might be much easier to string together artificial flowers, placing them in an array across a frame or wrapping them around a coil of wire. Floral wreaths can be made more interesting by sticking to a limited palette of colors.

Create Environment-friendly Ornaments

Using ornaments made from reused materials will not only show the world that you’re committed to keeping it clean and green, but the resulting wreath can become a masterpiece created with your own two hands. Grab some of the things you normally discard: used cardboard, soda cans, plastic containers, bottles, and other things of the sort. Be sure to stick to the season’s colors for a stronger Christmas mood.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For the best Christmassy effect, try sticking to peppermint and/or candy cane. When you’ve finished putting this wreath together,  consider hanging up a pair of scissors along with the candy. Make sure the scissors can be safely moved around and used to cut sweets from the wreath. You can prolong the lifespan of your candy wreath by not hanging up the scissors until later in the Christmas season. Using green and red Jolly Ranchers can be a good alternative, adding traditional Christmas color scheme.

Do you celebrate a particular ornament wreath tradition? Try this idea with your friends and family, not only for your home but also theirs. Working together towards something like a DIY ornaments wreath can really go a long way towards making memories together. Let us know how it goes in the comments section below!

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