Join the Tree Classics’ 40th Anniversary Giveaway!

In celebration of our 40th season, we at Tree Classics invite you to join our big giveaway for a chance to win our elegant 7.5’ Classic Noble Fir Snap Tree™. A handsome centerpiece for your holidays, this artificial Christmas tree features our innovative Snap Tree™ technology for easy setup and Real Feel™ PE needles for lifelike realism.

Tree Classics’ 40th Year Anniversary Giveaway

For this giveaway, we’d love to hear your answer to the question, “What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever given and what made it special?” Simply place your answer in the comments section of this blog post and follow the instructions on the Gleam app to make your entry official.

Season’s Greetings and best of luck to you!

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  1. I love your trees, especially the white one featured in Southern Hospitality. We live in an 1820 farmhouse and I’ve been thinking a white artificial tree would be beautiful in our dining room. Please check out my DIY big at !

  2. years ago I gave my parents a digital camera, they traveled a good bit and wanted one but Dad thought they were too expensive. He was so surprised and happy he cried when they opened it. I will never forget it!

  3. The most memorable Christmas gift I’ve ever given I gave to my husband. With all the other gifts I gave him, I decided to make his favorite brownies, and cut them into the shape of Christmas trees. Although this was a simple gesture, it was his favorite gift that year and Christmas tree brownies have become a traditional gift to him every Christmas. We’re going on 17 Christmases together!

  4. My sister-in-law is a tough nut to crack — she’s very reserved and it’s been hard to get her to warm up to me. I knew she was a big fan of strawberries, so when I saw a pair of strawberry shaped slippers on clearance, I scooped them up. The look on her face when she unwrapped them was absolutely priceless.

  5. My sister in law is a tough nut to crack. She’s quite reserved and it was hard to get her to warm up to me. I knew she loved strawberries, so when I saw a pair of strawberry shaped slippers on clearance, I scooped them up. The expression on her face when she unwrapped them was priceless!

  6. In approximately 1975, when I was divorced, my Dad took my young son to a jewelry and accessories store to purchase a
    Christmas gift for me. He chose a white coffee mug that had “Mom” written on it, in gold, plus the trim; he also chose the gift wrap at the store. My Dad said he held the wrapped gift on his lap all the way home. When I opened the gift he said, “Mom, that’s real gold!” What a treasure, and I have the mug to this day and use it as a holder on my bathroom counter. My Dad passed away at age 53, and my son is a grown man, successful, and has a beautiful family. Precious memory.

  7. The most memorable gift is the cookie trays I make for family and friends using my mother’s recipes. She is no longer here to help me but I feel her with me every step of the way as I carry out her cookie traditions.

  8. I gave my parents an iPad. I live about 540 miles from them and don’t see them more than three or four times a year. I have two grandchildren and this gift was to enable us to video chat and be able to show off the grandbabies. We love our chats with the kiddos and I know they enjoy the experience.

  9. I gave my sister a blow-mold Santa like we had when we were growing up. She cried, I cried… and it was really special to both of us. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. We gave our children a puppy 7 years ago. It was special because this was their first pet & they still say it was the best gift they have ever received.

  11. One year I gave homemade baskets to everyone. Had a lot of time on my hands while my husband was in medical school. Truly a gift of time and love.

  12. Susanne Hefner • 5 minutes ago
    My dad always picked out something for Christmas every year that was from him. He gave me my first perfume which was very special.

  13. The most memorable Christmas gift I have ever given was a dog for our son. Our son has asthma and I have severe allergies so we needed to get a dog that we wouldn’t be allergic to. We wanted to adopt from a shelter and Rufus became available six days before Chrismas. Our seven year old son was so surprised and thankful for Rufus. That was ten years ago and Rufus continues to bring joy to our son, my husband, and me.

  14. The year my husband sold an old laptop to buy our son a Nintendo DS. We didn’t have much money and the DS was out of the question, but our sweet boy had his heart set on it. My husband didn’t tell anyone, so everyone was surprised, but no one more than our son. He still remembers it as his favorite.

  15. It wasn’t the gift itself but one year we wrapped huge boxes with each of our four kids “special” gift. The look on their faces coming down the stairs was priceless.

  16. My favorite Christmas gift was a Monet gold bracelet that my dad picked out for me. It was over 40 yrs. ago and I still wear it. I wonderful remembrance of my dad and how special he always made Christmas!

  17. I had my son on December 23, 1980. He was a precious, healthy baby boy and brother to deliver home on Christmas morning all snuggled in a red Christmas stocking to my then 22 month old daughter and to the rest of our extended family there that very special day. I will never be able to top such a very special gift from God!

  18. One year I sent a cookie tray to the nurses at the nursing home where my grandmother was living. It wasn’t much, but they were so appreciative and my grandmother was elated and very touched that I thought of them. I just wanted to give back to the people who took care of her.

  19. I have no particular gift that is memorable because I give so much thought every year into the gifts I purchase. I try to have a surprise for everyone as they open their gifts

  20. The most memorable gift I have given is a hand made yearly calendar for my grandparents. This was before there were Photoshop programs on your laptop so we created a calendar using Word and printed off pictures and bound it with a three hole punch and ribbon. We dug thru boxes of pictures and used some from their childhood and wedding and then some from different events and milestones over the years. They loved talking a walk down memory lane and seeing new pictures each month as they flipped the calendar.

  21. The most memorable Christmas gift I’ve ever given was a couple framed hunting pictures I gave my husband several years back. The look on his face made my heart melt.

  22. I gave a plate of decorated sugar cookies to an elderly man who lived alone and didn’t have family nearby. We visited for awhile and I know it brightened his Christmas.

  23. For Christmas eve for several years a group of us sung Christmas carols at a local nursing home. Afterwards we would visit with the residents. It was the most memorable for me because it warmed my heart and soul to help make the day special the day before Christmas so it was the best gift that I ever gave and received to see their sparkling eyes with gratitude.

  24. I had ornaments made of our house, my parents’ house, and my brother’s house. No one lives in those houses any more so seeing thing at tree decoratoring time is especially meaningful.

  25. A copy of Black Beauty in third grade was memorable because my parents thought I could read such a big, hard cover book and I loved horses!

  26. The most meaningful was a shadow box given to my brother, with some highlights from our dad’s life…he passed away and so this means everything to us!

  27. The most memorable gift I ever was received was given to me by my husband, on our first Christmas together as a married couple.

    He found a local artist to paint a beautiful portrait of the little country chapel we were married in. I will never forget how thrilled I was when he gave it to me!

    It has hung above our fireplace for almost 30 years now, and it means even more to me now than the day he gave it to me!

  28. For Christmas one year I made my nephew an alphabet book. Each letter had a page and on the page was a photo from his life that matched the letter. For example, the letter C was for Charlie and there was a photo of himself on that page. I loved being a part of his learning and making it special and memorable for him.

  29. I think the most memorable gift I have given was a Krumbcake iron I got for my husband. The last Christmas that we spent with his maternal grandparents, who are from Norway, they showed us the Krumbcake iron that Grandpa used to make the Norwegian cookies. It belonged to his great grandmother. The next summer, Grandpa passed, and since it was a teamwork deal doing the cookies, Grandma was not going to do them by herself. We did not know who was going to get the Iron, but my husband was not going to get it for sure because we live far, and there are so many other grandkids that live closer. Because of that, and because my husband loves the Krumbcake, I decided to look for the same identical iron. It took me a while, so I started early, months before Christmas. That way by Christmas, I got lucky enough to have found the same identical one, bought it and surprised my husband. He was full of joy and tears. Now it is our Christmas tradition to make Krumbcake cookies among other cookies that his grandparents did to honor his heritage. And who knew, it seemed I had Norwegian in me too, so two birds with the same stone. Plus it always makes a great Christmas story, as he is always telling everyone how I surprised him with that gift and why it is extra special.

  30. My youngest son was part of Desert Storm and was stationed on the USS Biddle during the Christmas season. My family (all 17 of us), got together the first of November that year and sent him a large (think small refrigerator size) box full of whatever we could think of for him and his shipmates to share. Inside we also put a video of us singing Christmas carols and telling him how much we loved and missed him. Of course I was crying in most of it. He told me later that when he came off duty he started watching the video and cried along with me. And, when the video finished, he heard all kinds of sniffling behind him – he looked around and about 12 of his buddies were standing, watching and crying. Each one of those young men sent me a letter telling me how wonderful it was to have a bit of Christmas that night. I will never forget them.

  31. About 6 years ago, I found my oldest brother’s childhood red, wool coat. I framed it with a picture of him wearing it. It brought him to tears. I almost didn’t do it, because he was a manly man and I thought maybe he’d think it was dumb, but something told me I should. He passed away suddenly a week later, on New Years Day.

  32. The most memorable Christmas gift I have ever given was a homemade Santa that I commissioned an artist to make from my mother’s clothing- suede jacket with mink collar, brocade dress she wore in my wedding, etc. He made four for me and I gave one to my brother and his wife and one to my daughter. I cherish them as do they. I also love Christmas trees.

  33. I wait until the very last moment to buy gifts for my husband. He guesses until he figures them out. 3 years ago I bought him a vintage fedora. He guessed it was a hat but not a fedora.

  34. We gave my husband a new leather chair, and my daughter and I wrote scavenger hunt clues and left them around the house for him to follow to the chair.

  35. The first thought that came to me was the last Christmas my late hubby was able to share with us. He insisted that we decorate, put up the tree, my “special” tree of Hallmark ornaments which he seemed to find great comfort in admiring. He also wanted me to go shopping for presents (which I had not plan to do under the circumstances) so I did go and as hard as it was, I picked him out some gifts, one being bedroom slippers, super warm and comfy (his feet stayed very cold due to the illness) I still have those slippers and have worn them in the cold months, and every time I put them on they of course remind me of him, but I also chuckle a bit (he would have really laughed) at the fact that for a gift to him knowing it would be his last Christmas gift, I gave him bedroom slippers. LOL not quite what was on his bucket list. Merry Christmas!!

  36. I got my husband a guitar last year that he absolutely had no idea. I put some picks in his stocking and he said “what do I need these for?”

  37. The most memorable Christmas gift I have given was to my daughter on her first Christmas. My mother, mother-in-law, and sister in law all worked together to make her Chrismtas stocking. Hopefully it will be a keepsake she will treasure forever.

  38. The most memorable Christmas gift was a gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh. My dad gave all his kids something that represented each of these. I loved it because he was so thoughtful and it perfectly reflected who he is.

  39. One year I did a crewel family tree for my Mom. The fact it was so memorable was I had had surgery on my hand and made it difficult to do. She loved it and still has it hanging in her house 32 years later!

  40. Bedrooms slippers for my late husband for his last Christmas, he could not get his feet warm, he insisted I go shopping when my heart was breaking. I still have the slippers

  41. The most memorable gift I’ve ever given was to pay off my mother’s credit card debt. It was special because she had always taken care of me when I was nine and my dad died and then later in life was having a hard time financially. It was worrisome for her and she hadn’t used credit on anything frivolous but house repair related. I was out working and could do this for her so it was a pleasure to help in this way.

  42. My most memorable Christmas gift was a terry cloth robe for my father with the sewing machine he bought me for my birthday in September.

  43. While going through some boxes in my Mother’s attic a few years ago, I found an old picture of my deceased grandparents dressed in their Sunday best. I had never seen them in anything but their daily work clothes so I almost didn’t recognize who they were. I am sure it was a special occasion photo. Anyway I had copies made and then framed and I either delivered or sent them to each of my 9 Aunt & Uncles. They all told me that the picture was displayed in a prominent place in their homes and how it brought back wonderful memories.

  44. My best memories go back to the days when our son came home from Iraq. It has been over 5 years since my son was home for Christmas, but I have the flag he gave me that flew over Itraq in 2004. Love you, my Air Force Son!!! Proud Dad!!!

  45. a wireless speaker that has bluetooth for my husband. He loves music and enjoys spending time outside relaxing and listening to his favorite tunes

  46. The best gift was when our pastor asked my husband and myself to please, please, please put together his daughters swing set because he was not at all handy. The gift of giving to others was special.

  47. When our sons were about 10 and 12 (they are now 35 and 37) my husband and I gave them a G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier that was about 5 ft. long and took up the entire living room beside the Christmas tree. The look on their faces on Christmas morning when they came down the steps was absolutely priceless and I will NEVER forget it.

  48. Last year we were able to help a family in need with our small group from our church. Seeing all the gifts for the family really made us all appreciate what we get for Christmas every year.

  49. An elderly lady, who lived alone, had recently lost her dog. I put together a 25 days of Christmas gift basket for her. It included one wrapped gift to open each day of December leading up to Christmas. It gave her something to look forward to each day and was a blessing for me to think about her as I put together those gifts.

  50. The year our granddaughter wanted a Dora the Explorer kitchen and our grandson wanted a “work bench” like Papa’s – they were horrible to wrap, but oh how excited they were when the opened them. I think it was probably the first year they understood Santa and those gifts solidified their belief! They are much older now and while they are still very grateful for everything they get, that memory of complete and utter astonishment that Santa had remembered what they wanted will always be special.

  51. When my kids were in college, they made me a calendar for the following year with pictures of them in their younger years. A very personalized and inexpensive gift that I still have!

  52. The most memorable gift I’ve given was a pair of shoes given to my teenage sister. They were special because it was her last Christmas with us. I now have those shoes in a display case.

  53. The gift of family togetherness and unrivaled community support. Last year we had a house fire the evening of 12/22. We were so very blessed to have been out of the house together that evening and to have such amazing friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Even though we still won’t be home for Christmas this year we continue to count our many blessings.

  54. I’d have to say the most memorable gift we’ve ever given was flying my sister-in-law and her fiance out to Colorado from Ohio so that we could see them for Christmas and so that she could spend the holidays with her mother (my husband’s mom) as well. We also rented a condo at a ski resort so we could all stay together and have quality time. It was an incredible week, that I am quite certain none of us will ever forget.

  55. My daughter wanted an American Girl doll so badly when she was 8. Seeing her face when she opened that gift was magical!

  56. I give practical gifts, like food processors and Le Creuset pans. Love seeing my family enjoy using these year after year!

  57. The year after my grandma had passed, I pieced together her prettiest handkerchiefs and made them into a wall hanging for my mom. It was fun to make, but more fun to give to my mom.

  58. The one I am going to give this year!! My significant other wants his last name changed – doesn’t know his real dad or the name that he was given. He is going to be so excited that the paperwork and the cost will be taken care of for him!

  59. One year I gave my mom a black pearl ring which really surprised her. About ten years before she had purchased her favorite ring in St. Thomas when she was on vacation and got so depressed when thieves stole all of her jewelry. I knew I could not replace her expensive ring but I found one that looked just like it at a pawn shop and surprised her with it. She was so happy!

  60. In 1984 my husband was starting medical school.As he was jogging thru downtown he came across a desk at an antique store. He briefly mentioned the desk made of Tiger Oak so I searched it out and bought it. A total surprise! It has gotten a lot of use over the years!

  61. When my three sons were growing up, every year we first would pick names from the Giving Tree. Go home, wrap and give them first. I really miss that!

  62. Time spent with family is my most special ‘gift’… My husband is battling cancer & we treasure just being together & with our family.

  63. The most memorable Christmas gift I’ve ever given was a list of things that I loved about the gift receiver. It was special because they told me how much they loved it and said it was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift they’d ever received.

  64. I made my middle daughter a doll house that she had on her Christmas list. I spent 3 months working on it, every night after the kids went to bed to have it done by Christmas. The look on her face Christmas morning will forever be in my heart.

  65. My most memorable Christmas present was my second Christmas. I got the Strawberry Shortcake doll I wanted. I still have it to this day and it’s still scented.

  66. The most memorable gift I’ve given is a gingerbread house kit for my son. When he was about four years old, that is the one thing he requested for Christmas. I’ll never forget the innocence and simplicity of his request!

  67. The most memorable gift I have ever been given was the birth of my son, the week before Christmas. We were waiting a very long time to adopt a child internationally, so when we got the call that our son had been born, with an email and a picture of his beautiful face that followed, it was the best christmas ever! Two years later, I was diagnosed with cancer, and after surgery, and 6 months of chemo treatments, I got the all clear, again shortly before Christmas. That was 6 years ago…those two Christmas holidays were the best (gifts) of my life!

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