Rhoda Vickers is Tree Classics’ Very Own Brand Ambassador

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Rhoda Vickers is our new brand ambassador
Rhoda Vickers is our new brand ambassador

We at Tree Classics love working with like minds. We look to them for inspiration for recipes, costumes, DIY décor, holiday stories—almost everything we love to gush about and share with you!

This season, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new brand ambassador, Rhoda Vickers!

Rhoda started her blog, Southern Hospitality, way back in 2007. Now a veteran of the home decorators’ blogosphere, the blog she started on a whim eight years ago has garnered her features in Atlanta Magazine and BlogHer. She has also gained quite a following on social media, with nearly forty thousand followers on Pinterest and over ten thousand on Twitter.

Rhoda is passionate about the same things we are. She loves bringing her readers content on home decorating, DIY projects, and decorating themes that won’t cost you a fortune. She frequents antique markets and yard sales, finding treasures that give each home its own unique character.

We think we’ve found a match made in heaven, and we’d love for you to get a know her a little better, so we’ve come up with a couple of questions whose answers you might be interested in.

In eight years of blogging about DIY, which past project stands out the most?

My current whole house renovation is particularly special to me and the one space that I’m probably most proud of is the kitchen.  My dad and I worked 6 hard months to get this house finished.

How do you find all the antique stores and sales you go to?

Growing up in the Atlanta area, I’ve been thrifting for years and always come across great thrift stores and antique malls to shop, just from getting out and about in Atlanta.

Are there a few décor items in your home that have a special meaning attached to them?

Rhoda's brass armillary
Rhoda’s brass armillary

I love shopping thrift stores and yardsales and some of my best finds have come from those sources, like a beautiful brass armillary and many other accessories that I’ve collected.

What décor motif are you planning to try out for Christmas 2015?

With a white tree for the first time, I’m looking forward to adding touches of gold to it which I’ve used in year’s past.  I used gold and white last year and will use some of that again this year.  That combo adds elegance and sparkle to my Christmas decor.

Complete the sentence: “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas when…”

I turn on the Christmas music!  That always helps me get in the mood for the season and get the decorating finished so I can enjoy it all. 

Are you excited as we are? We can’t wait to see what Rhoda comes up with using Tree Classics’ premium foliage and accessories this season!

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