5 Easy Post-Christmas Party Ideas You Can Do at Home


Christmas is a time for reconnecting with loved ones and making new memories together but sometimes it’s just not possible to get everyone together on or before Christmas Day.This doesn’t mean that you have to skip the celebration altogether.

If you want to meet up with old classmates, colleagues, or neighbors, then after Christmas is still a great time to do it. Since we want you to be able to focus more on the celebration than the preparations, here are a few easy post-Christmas party ideas that will allow you to entertain guests after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

Hot Cocoa Party

The ideal complement to a cold winter night, homemade hot cocoa is a holiday beverage that certainly hits the spot. Before guests arrive, set up a hot cocoa bar—a long table with hot cocoa, mugs, spoons, and a variety of toppings.

If your guests are bringing kids, you can set up two cocoa bars: the kids’ bar can include marshmallows, caramel syrup, and candy canes with plastic tumblers in place of mugs while the one for adults can include cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, and even some liquor mix-ins. Of course, hot cocoa isn’t complete without whipped cream, so make sure that there’s enough for everybody.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Gift giving during the holiday season is one of the highlights of any Christmas party. Make it more fun and exciting with a white elephant gift exchange.

Ask guests to bring a wrapped gift to the party. Then, instead of simply exchanging gifts, put them all in a pile and gather around them. Ask one person to open a gift. The next person has the option to “steal” the previous gift or choose a new gift from the pile without knowing what it will be. Keep this going around the group until all the gifts are taken.

Appetizer Party

An all-hors d’oeuvre party is a fun and filling way to get people together for the holiday season. Serving only appetizers shifts the focus from the food onto the banter and friendly conversations; weight-conscious guests will also appreciate the thought.

For variety, ask each guest to bring one appetizer and turn the party into an appetizer potluck feast. Dress up a table with festive linen and décor, serve the appetizers in colorful plates, and play your favorite Christmas carols in the background to complete the holiday atmosphere.

Post-Christmas Dessert Potluck

There is bound to be a ton of food left over from Christmas. Instead of throwing it away or letting it sit in your fridge until Easter, why not share the love in a post-Christmas potluck of leftover desserts?

Unlike main courses, desserts tend to keep well, and are easy to make presentable again. Gather a group of friends to share their favorite leftover desserts, and share them as you catch up with one another over a mid-afternoon snack.

Christmas Sweater Party

Despite being given as well-meaning gifts, Christmas sweaters  are so infamous for being less than fashionable that some people make a day of wearing them. Gather all of your friends and put on your gaudiest, wackiest, most Christmassy, knitted Christmas sweaters featuring three-dimensional Rudolphs, Frosty the Snowmen, and Christmas trees with actual lights!

Gather by the fireplace to share a lighthearted conversation and have a party that your guests will find hard to forget.

The festivities don’t have to end on Christmas Day. Take this opportunity to bond with your closest friends and spend time with the loved ones you don’t see as much. With the help of these post-Christmas party ideas at home, you can focus on the true meaning of the holiday.


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