Festive Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Adding a star or an angel to the top of the tree has long been a traditional holiday decoration. These items are still very popular and you can find many variations when you’re collecting Christmas tree toppers. I have mixed it up over the years, and even though I’ve had the traditional angel topper on my trees for decor, I prefer to go for a more rustic look now.

tree classics 007 Angel Tree Topper

This pretty angel from Tree Classics is a sweet addition to the top of this white Alpine tree, blending in with the elegance and adding a wonderful natural touch with its design. While most Christmas trees are green, this decoration can be applied to them as well. Together with other baubles and ornaments, you can really make your tree pop with style.

tree classics 008 Tree Topper Idea 1

I also like to create my own toppers using sprays of berries, feathers, greenery, and golden glitzy leaf stems and fronds. Adding accents like a ribbon, a bow, and some burlap cloth can really bring out the look of your Christmas tree topper. Creating your own festive topper might be a little hard, but very much worth it. In fact, a crafty family can use this opportunity to celebrate the season a little closer together.

christmas027 Tree Topper Idea 2

These decorations bring just the right touch of elegance to the tree, while showing some country charm. It’s so simple to add them to the top of the tree: having them cascade below or wrapping them around the tree itself.


christmas decor004 Tree Topper Idea 3

I also put a large wrap of gold metallic netting at the top, sort of like a crown. It really stands out from the rest of the tree, catching the eye of my guests when they visit. There’s plenty of ways you can get creative with things like netting and ribbon: try a variety of combinations with your ornaments to get that look you want.

christmas decor012 Tree Topper Idea 4

All of that blends in with the golden glitz of this tree, which mostly features gold and white. Sticking to one or two colors on your tree makes it all come together. I also added a bit of black to this design for a more modern touch.

christmas decor009 Tree Topper Idea 5

All lit up at night, this white Alpine tree glows and gleams in the dark. A unique tree for my living room space, I enjoy watching the lights turn on all the time during the holiday season. If you haven’t made a Christmas tree topper before, gather ideas and make your own! There’s always a little charm added in creating your own decorations that you and your family can enjoy.


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