How to Hang Wreaths and Garlands

Adding wreaths and garlands around the house during the Holiday season is definitely one of the prettiest things you can do to spruce up your home for this time of year. I love adding lights for a special glow to the season too, and battery-powered wreaths and garlands are an easy way to get both. It doesn’t take a lot of effort with pre-lit garlands and wreaths, and you’re ready to entertain in no time!

Start with your favorite foliage from Tree Classics. My favorite happens to be the Classic Fraser Fir Festive Garland and Wreath. The realistic foliage makes for a beautiful presentation and real pinecones, leaves, and gold berries add a lot of texture and shine.  A little shine is always good at Christmas!

For my front porch, I opted to hang two 6′ garlands from the top of the door, cascading down each side.

A metal hook on each end makes hanging very easy.

I added a small nail to the middle top of my door frame and with the metal hooks at the end of each garland, it’s easy to hang them up securely.

For the sides to stay securely on the door frame, I did the same thing to the other end of the garland, as well as the corner of the top of the door on each side. A tiny nail is hidden and the garland can drape across the corner and down the side where this small nail keeps the end intact.

The battery box is hidden behind the garland, but with easy access so the button can be pushed easily to turn on the lights.

Adding a pretty green burlap bow to the garland is all I felt was needed to finish off my festive front door. Now I’m ready to greet guests for the Christmas season!

I draped two more lengths of garland across my mantel with the battery boxes hidden behind that cross art piece in the middle. This garland didn’t even need any nails. The garland is bendable and shapes very easily with a little bit of coaxing into place.

It looks soft and lush on the mantel and really makes my fireplace shine this year!

It’s a beautiful sight at night with the lights softly glowing. A very merry and bright Christmas indeed!

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