How to Repurpose Old Holiday Foliage

repurposed foliage
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Prince

With Christmas just around the corner, every nook and cranny of our homes features a wreath, garland, or tree on display. We naturally love to fill our homes with foliage decorations that remind us of the season’s festivities.

As the years go by, however, some of our beloved wreaths, garlands, and trees wear out their sheen. Other times, we decide to change our theme for the year, even though last season’s foliage may be in perfect condition.

This holiday, don’t be so quick to discard your older items. Here are a few Christmas decorating ideas that breathe new life into your old holiday foliage.

A Touch of Foliage for Your Cards and Gifts

wrapping accents
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Prince

Make your Christmas cards extra special next season and use trimmings made of old branches to add a rustic touch to your greetings. Use individual branch tips accented with decorative strings and washi tape or form a miniature wreath with a handful of them. Learn more about this idea from Jennifer Prince’s blog.


Recycled Trimmings for Dining Table Accents

dining table accents
Photo courtesy of Sandra Nilsson

Cut off a few sprigs from an old wreath or garland and accent items around your home with a touch of greenery. Dress up your napkins by tying them up with trimming and add cinnamon sticks or twigs for an even more prominent rustic theme. You can see more rustic decorating ideas on Sandra Nilsson’s blog, Vintage House.


Recycled Wreath Décor

candle and wreath
Photo courtesy of storebukkebruse

Wreaths and garlands are particularly easy to re-purpose. Their profiles are easy to handle, allowing them to be arranged into different shapes without much difficulty. Reuse your old wreaths and garlands by tucking them in a decorative bowl to create a new loose wreath with a candle right in the center. Use a short and snug candlestick holder to ensure that the candle does not topple over.

Pro tip: If you don’t have any other use for it, use foliage featuring Tree Classics’ Real-Feel™ technology needles get the best results.

Don’t let your older foliage go to waste. Make a quick trip to your storage room and pick out holiday greenery that you can bring to life again with these ideas.

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