Setting up a Snap Tree™ at Home

Christmas comes once a year and it’s nice to get the tree up and decorated without a lot of hassle and work. I’ve been using artificial trees for years and they have definitely improved in the last 25 years or so. Tree Classics has designed an innovative tree that snaps together and sits on a rolling stand, making the Snap Tree™ fast and simple to set up in your own home. Anything to make the job easier is a good thing!

Assembling the Tree

  • First, get the stand in place and ready to insert the tree trunk. Notice the pivoting feet and wheels on the base. These allow the tree to glide into place, making your tree easier to move.
  • Once the base is locked, simply slide the tree trunk into place and use the pivoting feet to balance the tree as you pull it up and into place. Grab the tree, pull it upright and secure on the base.
  • Now, you’re ready to add the top part of the tree and snap the lights together. You only need to plug in one cord to illuminate the tree once the lights are snapped together on the top.

This Snap Tree alternates between white lights and color-changing LED lights. Or you can set it to just one or the other with the flip of a switch.

Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree
The Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree with Color-Changing LED Lights

Before you’re ready to decorate the tree, it needs to be fluffed. Starting at the bottom and working from the trunk out, you’ll need to fluff every single branch of the tree to fully appreciate its beauty and fullness. Simply bend each branch up and out to make the tree look its best. When the branches are completely fluffed out, you’ll have the most realistic Christmas tree.

This LED Christmas tree provides beautiful, energy-efficient lighting

You will not be able to see the trunk once this is completed. Then you’re ready for decorations!

When it’s time to take the tree down, the Snap Tree stores on the stand. All you have to do is remove the metal base and snap it on the other end of the main part of the tree (after removing the top part of the tree) and cover it with the provided bag. The top has its own storage bag. What an easy way to store your tree!

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