The Post-Christmas Shopping Guide



Christmas shopping is one of the many joys of the holidays. So much so, that even if stores are sure to be filled to the brim with shoppers during the season, people still keep coming back, year after year. Although many people go binge-shopping during the holiday rush, the more practical shoppers save their spending sprees for the days after Christmas, when items are more likely to be marked down.

Tree Classics presents its post-Christmas shopping guide for those who are looking to maximize their budget through great deals and big savings.

Organize Your Shopping



It can be very tempting to splurge on things you don’t need because of big the discounts, so remember to list down what you really need to buy at this moment to avoid impulse purchases. It’s also a good idea to look back at what you have bought and the gifts you have received so you don’t have to recall everything from memory. Allow yourself to indulge in one item you have always wanted that you didn’t get as a gift; the holidays aren’t over, after all.

Check Retailer’s Websites



The end of the year is a time for great big sales since many shops will be eager to make space for new products. This means retailers will be more than happy to part with their products at discounted prices. Free shipping deals are also common during the holidays, and many retailers extend this through the end of the year. Tree Classics has great offers for post-holiday shoppers via our Christmas tree clearance sale where you can get as much as 60% off on a variety of products.

Read the Local Newspaper



If the thought of looking at your computer screen during the holidays is not very appealing to you, there are still a number of retailers that post announcements and promos in broadsheets and newspapers. Retailers want you to start early, so they put extra effort into creating sales circulars for the daily paper. Check the local paper to ensure that what you find is applicable in your area.

Also, it may sound old-fashioned, but many retailers still come up with discount coupons you can cut out from the newspaper and present to participating stores. Some brick-and-mortar establishments also offer Boxing Day discounts, so watch out for those as well.

Plan Your Redecorating and Buy Décor in Advance



Furniture and specialty stores are known to launch sales the day after Christmas since new designs and pieces come out soon after. You can purchase many current and older models at great discounts during this time, and if you’re willing to take home a floor sample, you can get discounts of up to 70% off the original price. Also keep an eye out for accent pieces and entertaining items; most of them will be on sale after the Christmas rush.

Buy Food Items in Christmas Packaging



During the holidays, food products such as cookies, cereals, and chocolates come out with special Christmas packaging to help with holiday sales. Look out for these because they get marked down quickly after Christmas Day. Although the packaging may be out of date, the contents are not.

Check out Returned Merchandise



Some items, such as electronics and appliances, need not be brand new or fresh out of the box when you buy them. To save money on these products, check out the returns section in retail stores after the holidays for returned gifts and purchases. Take note that most of these are still relatively new and were simply returned because they were impulse purchases or gifts to people who already had the same item. The only problem with them is that the box isn’t always sealed or they may have been used a few times. The good thing about them: they can no longer be sold at full price, which means big savings for you.

Think Ahead



After the Christmas rush, it’s a good idea to think and shop beyond the holidays. As the New Year comes around, do your research to find great deals and stock up on the things you might need for the rest of the year.

Shopping ahead for upcoming occasions is also a great way to take advantage of post-Christmas shopping discounts. List down upcoming birthdays, think of gifts for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and shop in advance for next Christmas so you don’t get stressed out by next year’s holiday rush.

Don’t let high spirits cloud your judgment when it comes to holiday shopping; take stock of your budget and the things you need so you’re not tempted to buy things on a whim. However, as a gift to yourself, you may want to splurge on at least one big sale item. Just remember to keep yourself in check when shopping and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

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