The Stockings Were Hung With Care!

Hanging and stuffing stockings have been a Christmas tradition for many families for years and years. My family didn’t really have this tradition, but I think it is a sweet one. Hanging beautiful stockings on the fireplace gives a sense of peace and calm, and adds such a nice touch to a holiday home this time of year.

tree classics 021Whatever your style, you can find a stocking that will accent your Christmas decor and add spirit to your fireplace. These traditional green and red knitted stockings go right along with this nostalgic Santa tree. And what kid, or adult for that matter, doesn’t love digging into a stocking to find the goodies that have been stuffed inside?

tree classics stockings hungSo, what are some ideas for stocking stuffers? I came up with a few that would be appropriate for a young woman and maybe these will give you some ideas of your own.

stocking stuffersWomen love all sorts of things, from cosmetics to garden tools, and music. What about a sweet pair of garden clippers just for “her”, in a pretty in pink pattern? Or a small picture frame ornament to hang on the tree? Small-sized skincare products, lipsticks, and nail polish are always great stocking stuffers. A pretty pair of sunglasses will brighten her day and a mini-Bluetooth speaker for playing tunes is a big bonus. The orange or apple in the toe is always expected, so don’t forget that! My mom used to give us a “book” of Lifesaver candies every single year for Christmas and it was a sad day when those stopped coming. We grew up!

tree classics stockingI hope these items sparked some new ideas for your stocking stuffing endeavors! Add a sprig of fresh greenery in the top for extra festiveness. She will love digging into this stocking!

stockings were hung

Hang those stockings on the fireplace with care, in the hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be there! Merry Christmas!

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