5 Ideas for a Spring-themed DIY Scrapbook Project

As amazing as it is that you can now take out your mobile phone at a moment’s notice and capture slices of life as they happen, there’s still something to be said for having a physical copy of precious moments in-hand instead of allowing them to get be forgotten in your hard drive or an online album. If you have hundreds of photos on your phone or computer, printing out and preserving the best ones is an excellent way to make these captured memories more tangible.

With this in mind, Tree Classics gives you 5 easy scrapbook ideas for a beautiful spring-themed project.

Add Another Dimension with Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers
Photo via Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

Make your spring-themed scrapbook literally stand out by filling it with paper flowers. Pre-made flowers are readily available at local crafts stores, but you can also purchase a punch with flower shapes so you can make as many flowers as you want using virtually any kind of paper. If you’re looking for a unique flower shape, you can cut out the flower yourself from colored or patterned paper.

Combine various shapes and sizes to bring out the beauty of these paper cutouts. This tutorial from Treasure in an Earthen Vessel shows you how to do just that using scrapbooking materials you can find in almost any crafts store.

Go Classic with Real Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers
Photo via DIY Ready

After decorating your scrapbook cover, it’s time to focus on easy scrapbook ideas that will showcase your photos through creative layouts and designs.

Pressed flowers are excellent decorations that can be used as vignettes or as part of the photo layout in your scrapbook. Flowers that are naturally flat are ideal for pressing, as the bulkier ones can be hard to flatten. Some good examples of easily pressed flowers include daisies, sunflowers, and tulips. For best results, place oil blotting paper from your makeup kit on top of the flowers before pressing to help soak up excess water.

DIY Ready features a step-by-step guide on how to press flowers using an iron, a flower press, or wax paper, with each technique resulting in a different look. Remember that pressed flowers are very fragile so be extra careful when handling them.

Complete your flower vignette or photo layout by adding a few leaf cutouts of varying colors and shapes. To create butterfly leaf cutouts similar to the ones in the image above, take a look at the Martha Stewart Crafts Monarch Butterfly Punch, which also comes in a Butterfly Lace variant.

Alternatively, you can use the punch with flower shapes to make flower-shaped leaf cutouts.

Reinforce Your Theme with Buttons

Photo via October Afternoon

Buttons are a common embellishment found in scrapbooks due to their versatility as a design element. In the image above, October Afternoon shows you how you can use buttons to substitute elements of the image or design. You can also use them to replace the letter “O,” as eyes of insects or animals, or as wheels of a car, to name a few. Place them at the center of the paper flowers or use them as the bodies of the butterfly cutouts.

To make your design more coherent, try limiting your buttons to two or three colors, but use buttons of different shapes and sizes or get different colors of one kind of button.

Be Bold with Borders

Photo via My Flower Journal

If you have a penchant for illustrations and water color, you can add a personal touch to your scrapbook using illustrated borders. This also gives your scrapbook a clean, simple look, in contrast to the ostentatious patterns of paper and cardboard cutouts and other trimmings. Take a look at this guide from My Flower Journal to help you get started on drawing or painting your own borders.

Create More Space with Layers

Tabbed Photos
Photo via We R Memory Keepers

If you have lots of photos but have limited space in your scrapbook, you can try out this space-saving idea from We R Memory Keepers. By arranging the photos in layers as seen in the image above, you not only get more space for your photos but also add an interactive dimension to your scrapbook. Stick photos on a page using washi tape, and you have a mini flipbook within the pages of your scrapbook. Add tabs on each photo so you can write a short description or the date when each was taken.

Bonus: Waste Not, Want Not

Washi Tape Banner
Photo via A Golden Afternoon

Speaking of washi tape, here’s a great way to make use of your extra rolls. Simply cut small strips and tape them over twine to create a washi tape banner. Use a single pattern or alternate different ones to create varying looks that you can use to decorate individual scrapbook pages.

Paper Scraps
Photo via Creating Keepsakes

Finally, collect all leftover paper scraps and see which of them can be salvaged and used as decorative elements for your scrapbook. You can even use paper scraps from previous projects if you have them. In the above image from the May/June 2013 issue of the Creating Keepsakes magazine, leftovers and scraps are used to create a fun and colorful background for the displayed photos.

A scrapbook is an excellent way to showcase your printed photos and ensure that your guests enjoy viewing them as much as you did arranging and decorating them. Through the easy scrapbook ideas presented here, you can make this your next project so you have something to look forward to as winter slowly turns to spring.

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