How to Store Your Christmas Wreaths and Garlands Properly

Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath
Tree Classics Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath

The grandeur of wreaths and garlands depends largely on their shape and how they are maintained throughout the years. Christmas foliage storage may seem like an afterthought this time of year, but you will reap the benefits of proper maintenance and useful storage containers at home when it comes time to decorate your again for the holidays. Turn the activity into a fun holiday tradition with these practical home storage ideas from Tree Classics.

How to Store Your Wreaths

Santa's Wreath Storage Bag with Suspend Handle
Tree Classics Santa’s Wreath Storage Bag with Suspend Handle

After carefully removing your wreath from your door or mantel, place it in a box where it fits snugly, making sure that it is not crumpled or out of shape. Larger boxes can sometimes store more than one wreath, with one stacked on top of the other.

Large and circular hat boxes are a convenient compact storage solution for smaller wreaths because they are available in different sizes and sturdy enough to provide an extra layer of protection. They can also be quite stylish.

Consider using dedicated wreath storage bags to protect larger wreaths. Our very own 36-inch Santa’s Wreath Storage Bag with Suspend Handle even comes equipped with a direct-suspend system that is designed to retain your wreath’s shape.

If your wreath is pre-decorated and you don’t want to remove the ornaments, wrap these individually to prevent them from damage. Also wrap any additional ornaments and store them together with the wreaths in the center of the container.

How to Store Your Garlands

Wreath Padded Storage Bag
Tree Classics Wreath Padded Storage Bag

Drape garlands over your arm while removing them so they don’t get tangled or drag on the floor. Have a chair ready beside you on which you can lay the garland, or ask someone for help if necessary.

Compress the garland by making all branch tips face neatly in one direction. Place it in a sturdy plastic tub, making sure that it is coiled up neatly in the container. Avoid bending the main section too sharply to prevent damaging it.

To save space, store the garland in a large Christmas tree bag together with your Christmas tree, or wrap it in a plastic dry-cleaning bag. Garlands can also be coiled up and stored together with smaller ornaments.

Putting Everything Away

Store your foliage in a cool, dry place. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can damage the garland or give them a musty, moldy smell while in storage. Place a few silica gel packs in with them to absorb moisture. These can be purchased online or from specialty camera stores and crafts stores. There’s a limit to how much moisture they can absorb so make sure to replace them every year.

Label boxes and containers properly to make it easy to find what you’re looking for when it’s time to decorate again. For clear plastic containers, list down its contents on a piece of paper and place this underneath the lid facing out where it can be easily seen. You can also write down the contents on a sticky note secured with extra tape on the lid or on the side of the box or container.

Making the extra effort to follow these storage ideas with useful storage containers at home preserves your foliage and decorations for years to come. It also makes everything quicker and easier whenever it’s time to to decorate.

Do you have any other home improvement storage ideas for wreaths and garlands? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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