What to Do with Your Old Christmas Ornaments

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Together with your precious memories, the holidays leave you with a collection of ornaments that serve as mementos from Christmases past. Although you may want to keep them for future holidays, some ornaments inevitably fade or break over time and eventually need to be replaced. With some creativity, however, they can serve you a little longer before you have to toss them out.

Tree Classics has a few DIY Christmas decoration ideas that will help breathe new life into old ornaments so you don’t have to throw them away.

Dress them up

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If your old ornaments have lost their luster or you simply don’t like how they look anymore, you can cover them up with spray paint or dress them up in festive ribbons.

Hide scratches by lining ornaments with velvet ribbon. Using hot glue, place the ribbon along evenly spaced lines running across from top to bottom. Tie everything together by gluing ribbon loops to the top, ensuring the ribbons are long enough so they drape over the ornament.

Alternatively, you can glue ribbon strips on ornaments flapper-style; cut the ribbon into strips and glue them on the ornament, starting with the shorter strips at the bottom and finishing with the longer strips at the at the middle and top.

For clear glass ornaments, you can change the way they look by filling them halfway with faux snow, Epsom salts, or glitter. If you have miniature figurines, you can also place them inside to create a winter scene. After filling up the ornament, screw back the metal top and use a string of beads or ribbons to tie a bow at the top. Finish off by sticking a silver snowflake decal at the center of the ornament. You can also paint patterns or designs on clear and plain ornaments to add a personal touch.

Group Them Together

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Through the years, you may have collected a good number of Christmas ornaments that can’t all go on your tree.

Fortunately, you can use these to create a simple yet jovial holiday centerpiece by placing your extra ornaments in a bowl, clear vase, or glass cloche. You can also make mealtime more festive by hanging ornaments on your chandelier using ribbons of various lengths. If you’re feeling creative, make your very own garlands and wreaths using the ornaments themselves.

Use Them as Finishing Touches

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Add zest to the old tradition of gift giving by using a stylish finishing touch. If you have tiny ornaments, incorporate them into your gift wrap, tied into the bow or ribbon. Personalize the gift by painting the recipient’s initials or a meaningful pattern on the ornaments to make it more special. You can also use stickers or stencils, which are readily available in crafts stores, for a ready-made solution.

Don’t limit yourself to plain baubles and finials with this technique. Use mini figurines such as snowmen and gingerbread men if you have them.

Create Wall Décor Using Frames

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The last, but not the least of our DIY Christmas decoration ideas, hanging ornaments in a Christmas tree pattern on an old wooden window frame or vintage picture frame adds vintage charm to your mantel. You can also use these framed ornaments as wall décor to decorate long corridors and other empty spaces. You can even combine baubles, finials, and snowflake ornaments and hang them on your window pane for a wintry scene that can be seen both in and outside your home.

One good thing about holiday decorating is that there really is no limit to how festive you want your décor to be. Keeping these DIY Christmas decoration ideas in mind, you can transform your old ornaments into “new” ones that possess more of your personal style and temperament.

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