Independence Day Featured Blogger: Kathryn of Singing Through the Rain

When coming up with a name for her blog back in 2009, Kathryn thought about what she wanted it to portray. She knew immediately that she wants it to be encouraging, show her love for singing, and let people know what she loves doing. For her, Singing Through the Rain means that even though the rain and storms of life keep coming, she’s going to keep on singing and praising God through it all.

Kathryn Sneed Headshot

What do you love most about blogging?
I have been blogging for seven years now and I love everything about it! I love that writing is something I do for me. I love being able to help people by sharing what’s going on in my life and about my struggles, I love meeting and making new friends from it. It’s been a huge blessing in my life.

Tell us a little bit more about your decorating style in general.
I laugh at this question because I have a decorating style, but due to money constraints and time, I have a hard time actually putting that style into place in my home. I like the rustic and Americana style, and I also like the shabby chic look.

How would you describe your holiday decorating style? And how has it evolved through the years?
When it comes to holidays, I absolutely love decorating! It has evolved over the years because I try to buy a little bit more for each holiday every year so that eventually I will have plenty to decorate with. My favorite holiday is Christmas, followed by The Fourth of July, and I decorate the most of those two holidays.

What holiday decorating do’s and don’ts can you share with our readers?
The only thought I have on this is that sometimes less is more. You don’t have to spend tons of money, it’s all in how creative you can get and in the small things you can find.

Is there an Independence Day memory that left an impression on you from your childhood or recent years?
I don’t have one specific memory, but my favorite part of Independence Day was going to the see the fireworks each year. I was always in awe by the fireworks and I loved that we were together as a family when we saw them. I will always cherish that.


What is your must-have July 4th decoration item or decor, and why?
I don’t have a must-have piece, but like If I had to pick, I think it would be some kind of Americana piece or decor.

What do you like most about your Tree Classics tree? How do you plan to decorate it?

I love just how gorgeous it is and how full the branches are. My whole family just loves looking at it. I went with simple decorations for our tree, making it look very elegant for a 4th of July theme.

Are there any Independence Day traditions that you enjoy doing with your loved ones every year?
Going to see the local fireworks.

What can we look forward to on your blog this holiday season? Do you have exciting new holiday decor or party ideas?
I already did one blog post that had to do with 4th of July themed food, and I do plan on posting more ideas soon, too!

Can you tell us in a sentence what Independence Day is to you?
Remembering the sacrifices that were made by the soldiers and their families years ago and the Independence that they gained for future generations.

Hop on to Singing Through the Rain to see how Kathryn decorated her 9′ Arctic White Pine for Independence Day.

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