How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Whether garnished with embellishments or simple and undecorated, artificial wreaths and garlands are beautiful to look at when they are shaped to their perfect form. Fluffing this foliage is fairly easy, but there are proven methods to make it look truly spectacular. Here are some of Tree Classics’ tips on how to fluff your artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Tree Classic's Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath fluffed to stunning effect.
Tree Classic’s Kennedy Fir Harvest Wreath fluffed to stunning effect.

How to Fluff a Wreath

The trick to shaping a wreath is to spread the branches in one direction so it looks lush but neat. Fluff in rows, working from the outer tips (edge of the wreath) to the inner tips (center of the wreath). Take the first tip closest to the outside of your wreath, bend it outward and lift it upward to form a soft “J” shape. Take the tip to the right of the one you just shaped and follow the same process. Bend and lift the all of the tips in that row until you reach the center of the wreath. One row at a time, work your way counter-clockwise along the diameter of the wreath until you finish the full circle. Hang your wreath to check its shape and adjust the branches until you get full and even look.

How to Fluff a Garland

When you take out your garland from storage, straighten out the main wire to remove the curls and bends along its length. Once it is straight, you can clearly see the natural back of your garland. In the general forward direction, spread the tips up and out, away from the main wire. Fluff the tips along the width of the garland one row at a time until you finish the entire length. Hang it on your mantel or banister and carefully comb the tips further until you are satisfied with its volume and fullness.

How to Fluff a Teardrop or Swag

Similar to garlands, teardrops and swags can be shaped by simply pulling the tips away from the body. Pull the tips at the edges sideways and those near the center outwards. Work your way from the top row of tips until you reach the tapered end. Make sure to pull the bottom tips downward to cover the underside of the swag. The idea is to spread the tips evenly, leaving no noticeable gaps in the foliage.

Your artificial wreaths and garlands will look stunning when you shape them into their perfect forms. With a little fluffing, you can make your favorite greenery come to life and have it ready to shine for the holiday season.

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