Make Your Own DIY Wreath and Garland Out of Ornaments

This week, I’m making DIY Christmas wreaths and garlands from Christmas bulbs. What I love about this project is that it’s a great way to upcycle old bulb ornaments as well as create beautiful, but inexpensive wreaths and garlands. So gather your old Christmas bulbs or scour local garage sales and flea markets and make your own sparkly Christmas ornament wreaths and garlands!



After doing a bit of online research, I decided to try two different processes for the wreaths to see which worked better. Both are very affordable and easy to craft. For the first wreath, I started with a wire wreath form that I purchased at Michael’s and for the second wreath, I DIY’d my own wreath form by shaping a wire clothes hanger into a circle. As for the garland, mine will go on my mantel so I did some quick measurements around the fireplace with twine. For the ornaments, use whatever you like. There are a variety of sizes, materials, and textures to choose from so let your imagination and creativity flow!


For the two wreaths, I prepared the following items:
Wire wreath form
• Wire clothes hanger
• Christmas ornaments
• Hot glue gun and glue
• Wire ribbon for bow


For the garland, I prepared:
• Christmas bulbs (small, medium, and large)
• Twine
• Hot glue gun and glue
• Wire ribbon for bow


My ornament wreath and garland will be adorned with Tree Classics’ Champagne Christmas Ornament Kit, as well as bulbs I had in storage and some that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.


Making both the wreaths and the garland were relatively simple processes. For my first wreath, I hot glued approximately 100 shatter proof ornaments to the wire wreath form. I used a mix of small, medium, and large Christmas bulbs. The large ornaments served as the base of the wreath while the small and medium ornaments were used to fill in the holes and spaces. Continue adding ornaments to make sure you can’t see through to the wreath form. This is where the small bulbs come in handy—they are great hole fillers! One benefit of the purchased wreath form is that you can make a larger wreath.


Honestly, I didn’t follow a specific pattern, but simply chose colors, sizes, and textures that I liked. You can see the mix of matte, shiny, sparkly, and textured ornaments that I used. You can of course try different patterns and textures in your projects.


For my second wreath, I took a wire clothes hanger, shaped it into a circle, and strung ornaments through the wire.


Just like the first wreath, I rotated between small and large ornaments with a variety of textures. My goal, once again, was to make sure there weren’t any gaps, and once again the small ornaments are great space fillers.


Overall, this was a simpler wreath to make as I only had to hot glue a couple of ornaments. Though, I would suggest popping off the tops of the ornaments and hot gluing them back on so they don’t accidently pop off once you hang them on the wire wreath form. I would also suggest sticking with shatter proof ornaments; I had a few broken bulbs with this project.
Last is the garland. For starters, I measured jute roping against my fireplace to approximate the length of the garland I want to make. Once I had the measurement, I began stringing ornaments of different sizes, from large to medium, then large, medium, small, large, medium, and so forth. I also varied colors between golds, copper, bronze, and greige.


This DIY ornament garland is definitely the quickest of the three projects! I used approximately 30 ornaments for the garland though this will vary based on your mantel size.


DIY ornament wreaths and garlands have certainly become a hot trend for the crafty and budget-conscious, so experiment with the materials you have on hand and the result may surprise you! Are there any DIY holiday projects you’ll be doing this year? I would love to hear your ideas!

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