How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

A tree skirt is great for hiding an unsightly tree stand, but more importantly, it serves as a lovely background for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and acts as additional decor that complements the tree’s ornaments. Give your tree a gorgeous personal touch with these 5 DIY Christmas tree skirts.

1. No-Sew Burlap Tree Skirt


Accented with simple white ribbon, this ruffled, no-sew burlap Christmas tree skirt is a perfect backdrop for colorful gifts underneath the tree. You can re-create this skirt by following Alison’s step-by-step guide as featured on the Journal Sentinel’s lifestyle section, Fresh.

2. Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt

Upon seeing a tutorial on making embroidered receiving blankets, Kat of Just Crafty Enough knew she just had to do the same for her Christmas tree skirt. This project uses wool felt, but you can also choose other fabrics such as fleece or flannel. Check out Just Crafty Enough for detailed instructions on making this understated tree skirt.

3. Felt Flower Tree Skirt


Smitten by a Christmas tree skirt she saw on Pinterest, Julia was inspired to create her own felt poinsettia tree skirt. Get step-by-step instructions, complete with the flower patterns from Julia’s post on Sugar Bee Crafts and have fun putting together this easy-to-make flower skirt.

4. Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt


Gwen Hefner of The Makerista loved the beauty of Moroccan wedding blankets. She thought it was perfect for all sorts of décor and decided to create a Christmas tree skirt inspired by it. View detailed instructions over at Design Sponge and add texture, warmth, and a hint of sparkle to your holidays with your very own Moroccan wedding blanket-inspired Christmas tree skirt.

5. White Felt Christmas Tree Skirt


What began as an idea from her mother-in-law inspired Emily of The Wicker House to create this elegant white felt tree skirt. You can also make your version of this using felt cloth, yarn, and pompoms. Visit The Wicker House to see detailed steps for creating this tree skirt and give your Christmas tree a gorgeous finishing touch.

Personalizing your Christmas tree couldn’t be any easier—with a bit of time and effort, you can create the perfect tree skirt. Have you made your own tree skirt before? We’d love to see them!

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