Painting Pumpkins For Fall

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Halloween is almost here and our kids are loving all the fall festivities. One project that we’ve really enjoyed is painting pumpkins. It’s a great alternative to carving because they are just as fun to decorate, but the pumpkins don’t rot as quickly. With pumpkin carving, you need to wait until right before Halloween, so they can be kept as fresh as possible. Another fun idea is to use artificial pumpkins which can be used year after year!

Choosing Your Paint

Begin by buying supplies. There are several ways to paint or color your pumpkins. I purchased acrylic paints in several fun colors from Walmart. Each container only costs between $1.37 and $1.67. You can also use chalk paints or spray paint.

Tools of the Trade

Use paint brushes of different sizes to provide texture and dimension to your design. I used sponge brushes and water color brushes that I had on hand.

Before You Begin

Make sure that your painting area is also prepared for this activity. I suggest covering whatever surface you work on with newspaper or some sort of Kraft paper. This seems like an obvious step, but I didn’t do it and it was a pain to clean up.

Prepping Your Pumpkins

Because pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, I suggest choose one that will fit your design or pattern. For this project, we used pumpkins ranging from large carving pumpkins to small, hand sized pumpkins. Prepare your pumpkin by using sealant to protect the paint from flaking.

Personalize Your Designs

You can follow a specific pattern or create your own design. My ten-year old son is a die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and he chose to paint his pumpkin scarlet and gray with the Ohio State “O” from an image he found online.

Finishing Touches

The one thing I didn’t factor in originally was letting the layers of paint dry between coats. I painted the pumpkins, let them dry overnight, and then added another layer of color the next day. I finished the pumpkins with a clear coat of wax to seal the color and add a little sheen.

Painting Pumpkins with Jen Lutz

Painting pumpkins is a great way to kick-start your Halloween festivities. Celebrate the spirit of this fun holiday with an activity that the entire family will surely enjoy. Get creative and let your imagination fly!

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