Tree Classics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Day 3


It’s Day 3 of our week-long campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’d like to read about our previous 10 bloggers, you may view the posts for Day 1 and for Day 2 here.

Read more about our next 5, and what Breast Cancer Awareness Month means to them.

Susan of Beautiful Touches


Susan Fenich is one of the 3 bloggers behind Beautiful Touches. Hailing from the South, she writes about DIY projects, fashion & beauty, movies, recipes, and travel.

She believes that Breast Cancer Awareness Month “…means hope for a cure.” A simple yet powerful answer, Susan speaks from her personal experience about losing her friend Lori to the disease. “I had a very dear friend named Lori, who lost her life to breast cancer. She was the mother of two young children and was one of the most beautiful and courageous people I’ve ever known. Lori died in her thirties, but she had lived life to its fullest. My biggest regret is to think that her children may never know just what an incredible mother they had.”


Head on over to the Beautiful Touches blog and see why Susan chose the 32″ Classic Noble Fir Wreath to decorate.

Tania of Run to Radiance


Tania Griffis is the feisty natural redhead behind the blog Run to Radiance. A full-time writer, wife to a loving husband, and “mom” of 2 Miniature Australian Shepherds, she writes about DIY projects for the home, arts and crafts, throwing parties, and even travel, to name a few.

She shares, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a month to take time to focus awareness on the women and men affected by cancer, as well as honor those who have fought the disease”. Inspired by her best friend’s loss several years ago, she tells us, “In remembrance of her mother, she and I walked the 3-Day for the Cure, which is a 60-mile walk that spans three days. Hearing from the speakers and walking those miles left an impression with me that I will never forget.”


Read more about how Tania decorated her Kennedy Fir Narrow Tree on her blog.

Trisha of MomDot


MomDot is a blog about the parenting adventures of Trisha Haas. A mother of 2, she likes to talk about crafting, cooking, shopping, and her favorite part of the day: spending time with her children.

She tells us that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is “a time for families to come together and empower themselves with knowledge and education.” During her early 30s, Trisha found a lump through a mammogram but luckily, it was unrelated to cancer. “I encourage everyone to make sure they are aware of body changes and be proactive.”


Visit her blog to see how she decorated her Kennedy Fir Narrow Tree.

Jenn of Balancing the Chaos


Balancing the Chaos is both the name of Jenn Willey’s blog and her daily goal: to strike the right balance between enjoying quality time with the family and dealing with their hectic schedules. Jenn is a wife and mom to two young children, and her blog features different events and activities in their area, restaurant and product reviews, travel recommendations, and more.

4 of Jen’s friends have been fighting their own personal battles against breast cancer, and she takes inspiration from them. For Jen, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminds me to make sure I’ve scheduled my annual mammogram. It’s so important to continue to follow up with regular examinations, so that if there is a problem, the doctors can set a course of treatment to best defeat the cancer.

Visit Jenn’s blog to learn more about how she styled our Grand Fir Wreath for the campaign.

Julia of Mini Van Dreams


Julia Gibson forms half of the dynamic duo behind the blog Mini Van Dreams, the other half being her husband Don. Aside from being a loving partner and mom to active twins, she is also a full-time accountant, scrapbooker, former amateur drag racer, and self-professed Potterhead. Their blog is home to stories about their family adventures and challenges, tutorials, giveaways, and crafting tips.

Don is a survivor of colon cancer and his mother fought against breast cancer, greatly influencing Julia’s outlook on the disease. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a way to encourage women to get the dialogue started with their doctors about their personal risk factors and to honor those who are fighting or who have lost the fight to breast cancer,” according to her.

Julia embellished one of our Classic Noble Fir Wreaths, which you can see on her blog.

Stay tuned to the Tree Classics blog tomorrow and find out what our next 5 bloggers have to say about Breast Cancer Awareness, and how they chose to decorate their trees or wreaths in honor of this movement.

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