Tree Classics’ Blogger Review: Storage Bags

With the holidays over, it is finally time to get all your Christmas decorations down and stored away for another year. Here are 6 talented ladies and their practical tips on storing and organizing your trees, wreaths, and ornaments with Tree Classics’ Storage Bags.

Dalia Torres of Inspiration by D


Named after her Etsy Shop, Inspirations by D started during the summer of 2010 as a way to stay in contact with Dalia’s loved ones.  Now the blog features the author’s work and a variety of easy to do crafts with materials from around the home, DIY projects, recipes, gardening tips, blog tutorials, occasional family moments, and other things that may serve to inspire.

Dalia shares, “I usually keep our Christmas tree up during the twelve days of Christmas. It is at this time after the 12 days that I begin to put the decorations away.”


Dalia’s Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag easily accommodates her fully assembled tree. Follow her storage steps here.

Sarah Chesworth of Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

Sarah is a proud teacher in the great state of Texas. She has been teaching at the kindergarten and grade 1 levels for five years. She enjoys spending time with loved ones, crafting, and volunteering for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) organization. Her blog Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas is where she shares fun activities for kids, decorating and crafting tips, and free printables with other educators.

Sarah admits, “Putting up the tree is the worst! It’s still amazing to me that somehow my tree mysteriously fit in a box at some point. I learned a long time ago, tree storage bags are the way to go! This year I tried out an upright tree storage bag. This would be perfect if you had a storage closet to store your tree in!”

Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag

Visit Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas to see how she shimmied the Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag up and over her tree. Check out her storage box labels and plastic containers with cardboard ornament dividers too.

Jenna Shaughnessy of Wife in Progress


An avid crafter and DIYer, Jenna started her blog, Wife in Progress, as a way to easily share her projects with family and friends back home in Ireland. She is a teacher with a passion for writing and technology, and uses her blog to marry the two.

Jenna explains, “Usually we take our tree apart and return it to the box in which it was delivered. This year, I had the opportunity to try out the upright tree storage bag. If you hate all having to reassemble and fluff out your tree every year, then these are a great option. All you have to do is pull the bag up and over the tree and you’re done! The tree can be stored upright or on its side.”


Jenna gives the full scoop on how she stored her Christmas decorations and tree using the Deluxe Upright Tree Storage Bag on her blog.

Jessica McFadden of A Parent in America


A mom of three, Jessica started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, The Washington Post, and CNN. Her content on A Parent in America motivates her readers to try new things and find greater joy in their own families, her life’s passion. She also loves writing, travel, entertaining, and accessible fashion.

For Jessica, packing away the holiday decorations is a bittersweet day: “This weekend all our Christmas and winter holiday decorations were put away. It was a fun family effort. Taking our trees down and bidding them and our beautiful ornaments adieu until next Christmas is definitely the hardest part.”


Read on her blog how Jessica safely nestled away her ornaments with 3-Tray Deluxe Ornament Storage Bags.

Laura Kuhlmann of Pet Scribbles


Pet Scribbles is where Laura shares her craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about her cats, Lulu and Otto. She loves to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging. To her, chips and tears serve as beautiful enhancements to the story of a vintage piece.

Laura offers a simple storage solution: “Store garlands in a Christmas tree bag! Such a fabulous idea, especially since I was shoving my garlands into garbage bags in previous years. Now that I’ve tried actual Christmas storage bags I’m totally hooked!”


Laura brilliantly used the Small Rolling Tree Storage Bag and 36″ Wreath Padded Storage Bag to stow away her Christmas wreath and garland for another year. Read more on her blog.

Ronique Gibson of How to Make a Burlap Wreath


After getting messages from readers asking her how to make wreaths and where to find the right materials, Ronique decided to create her second blog How to Make a Burlap Wreath. This new site features inspirational ideas and tutorials for all types of wreaths, as well as recommendations on where to shop for materials and help get you started.

Ronique recalls past storage difficulties, “For the past few holiday seasons, it seems like my Christmas wreaths have never lasted through the hot summers in our Florida garage. I think the flimsy Christmas wreath storage bags were too thin and often times the zipper would break!”


Ronique used the 36″ Santa’s Wreath Storage Bag with Suspend Handle to secure her wreaths and garlands and was able to free up space in her garage. Read more about her challenges and solutions here.

Thank you to all our bloggers who shared their holiday storage solutions with us and their readers. We hope you learned a few tips on how to keep your precious centerpiece and accessories safe and secure for seasons to come.

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