Tree Classics’ Winter Giveaway

Winter Giveaway

We welcome 2017 with a round-up of 12 wonderful women who shared their heartwarming family traditions and decorating tips. Here are our talented blogger partners and their decorated Christmas wreaths and garlands, and other home décor for Tree Classics’ Winter Giveaway.

Ashley Pahl of She Makes a Home


Ashley founded She Makes a Home in January 2008, shortly after founding her handmade paper goods business. She wanted to document the experience of starting a home-based business, and empower others who wanted to do the same. Over the years, she’s had her work featured by Terrain, an Urban Outfitters company; The Lansing Art Gallery; and numerous independent stores and galleries around the world.

Remembering the conundrum over what to do with her built-in planter box, Ashley explains, “This entryway is in the north corner of my living room and does not receive enough light for plants, so I turned it into a lovely rock garden. However for the holidays, I wanted to add some light and greenery.”


Learn how she created a bright and welcoming winter entryway using the Classic Fraser Fir Wreath and Garland in her blog.

Laura Kuhlmann of Pet Scribbles


Pet Scribbles is where Laura shares her craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about her cats, Lulu and Otto. She loves to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging. To her, chips and tears serve as beautiful enhancements to the story of a vintage piece.

Laura recollects, “Ever since I was a little girl, Christmas with my family has always been a magical time. My parents are both 85 years young and this year I turned 50. That’s a lot of Christmases spent together, yet I still can’t wait to be with them for Christmas, it’s still so special every single year.”


Check Pet Scribbles to see how she styled her mantel using the Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland.

Jessica McFadden of A Parent in America


Jessica describes herself as a carpooling, bass-booming Washington, D.C. area wife, and mom to three energetic children. Her content on A Parent in America motivates her readers to try new things and find greater joy in their own families, her life’s passion. She also loves writing, travel, entertaining, and accessible fashion.

She shares, “I am so over getting up on ladders to hang holiday lights, or putting hours into wrapping the front yard greenery in a complicated lighting system. But I still want to give that holiday magic feel to the house for the children, and offer a warm welcome to our visitors.”


Jessica decked her front bay window and door with the Venetian Elegance Garland to make their home more festive and elegant. Read her post in A Parent in America.

Ronique Gibson of How to Make a Burlap Wreath


After getting messages from readers asking her how to make wreaths and where to find the right materials, Ronique decided to create her second blog How to Make a Burlap Wreath. This new site features inspirational ideas and tutorials for all types of wreaths, as well as recommendations on where to shop for materials and help get you started.

For Ronique, “A Christmas wreath and garland are the perfect way to greet guests on your front door and show your festive mood for the holidays!”


Learn more about Ronique’s styled front door with the Rustic Pinecone Wreath and Garland on her blog.

Shelby Barone of OC Mom Blog


The OC Mom Blog is the #1 Resource for families living and traveling to Orange County. Shelby Barone, the founder of the OC Mom Blog, was born and raised in Orange County. Along with a team of talented writers, Shelby highlights the best adventures, and fun and creative ways for families to enjoy visiting and living in Orange County.

Shelby shares, “Holiday decorations take a beating every year because of the harsh winter weather. Because of this, we always purchase 1-2 new items every year so that our decorations stay fresh and vibrant. Our children love blow-up holiday lawn decorations a little too much. With our front yard covered with blow-up decorations, I wanted to add a touch of elegance to our home this year.”


Visit OC Mom Blog to see how she made her winter home more elegant with our Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland.

Alli Smith of An Alli Event


A southern party planner, Alli loves writing, storytelling, and throwing a mean party. Throughout the years, she has learned all kinds of party planning tricks along the way and shares decor tips, recipes, and some of her favorite stories about her life and the lives of others in her blog, An Alli Event.

For Alli, “Holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. I’m looking forward to even more visits with my family during the holidays. Keeping old traditions alive and making new ones to remember – that’s what the holidays are all about.”


Find out how Alli used her Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland to liven up her holiday home in An Alli Event.

Chrissy Taylor of The Taylor House


Owner of The Taylor House, Chrissy has partnered with many businesses to put 110% of her efforts behind brands and their related campaigns. She puts her heart into her work and delights a huge audience with published content, recipe creation, written blog posts, shared thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, shared images via Instagram and Pinterest, and participation in events.

Chrissy admits, “I’m definitely one of those people that likes to decorate for Christmas sooner rather than later! I love transforming my home into a beautiful winter wonderland making it feel cheery yet cozy. And let’s be honest; all of that blood, sweat and tears poured into decorating and only getting to enjoy it for a few weeks is for the birds!”


She laced her mantel with the Venetian Elegance Garland and blended styles together for an eclectic result seen in her post.

Katherine Corrigan of Katherine’s Corner


According to Katherine, her blog Katherine’s Corner is a labor of love and it is her intention to share all that she can with her readers. On the blog you will find: recipes, DIY, giveaways, home décor, and family stories to name a few.

Katherine had a light bulb moment: “When is a garland not a garland? When it’s a tree! I enlisted some of my hubby’s help and we created my vision.”


Check the entire process of making her DIY tree using our Venetian Elegance Garland on her blog.

Kimberly Vetrano of She Scribes


A freelance writer, photographer, and a mini-zoo keeper, Kimberly says she is grateful to be a blogger because it has afforded her many opportunities, such as attending a red carpet premiere and mingling with celebrities. Her blog She Scribes features parenting tips, giveaways, and reviews of fashion, food, and technology among many others.

When it comes to the holidays, Kimberly loves to decorate: “I decorate every spot in my home – including the bathroom, kitchen and even our hallway/entrance way. I think our decorations are tasteful, fun and eclectic. I try not to be “tacky.” We do have a red velvet dog that reads “Merry Christmas” (it belonged to my husband’s parents) and the kitschy plastic light up Santa, but I consider those fun decorations, not tacky. Especially because they have a lot of memories attached to them.”


Learn decorating tips from Kimberly using our Venetian Elegance Wreath and Garland in her post.

Annette Belnap of Tips From a Typical Mom


A mother of 5 super cool children and a wife to a para-glider, Annette is an academic preschool teacher, a preschool music teacher, a photographer, a wannabe graphic designer, and a soccer mom. She started Tips From a Typical Mom with her kids in mind. She wanted them to know all the things she’s learned as a mother and provide an easy place they could go to get her recipes and tips on the little things in life.

Annette tells us, “You don’t want sad Christmas decorations. We moved into a (new to us) old house this year and all of our Christmas decorations are finding new homes. When I pulled out our garland from storage, it was clear that it was time to buy a new one.”


Read her blog to know how she decorated her new home with the Venetian Wreath and Garland and discover more decorating ideas from some of her favorite decorators.

Emily Benson of The Benson Street


Emily is an Idaho girl who loves to read, shop, craft, and try her hand at DIY. She started The Benson Street as an outlet for her creative juices and a way to learn new things. According to her, not only is it an outlet, it is a source of motivation. It helps to get her projects done, share her ideas, and connect with friends.

Emily explains, “I love decorating for Christmas, but I also love changing it up every year. I don’t have the cash to buy brand new decorations each year to keep my changing styles up to date. Instead I’m investing in versatile pieces. The holidays are a fun time to add some extra magic around your home to make it an extra special time for your family. During the holidays, I love to get the decorating done early to be able to spend the most time with those who matter most, family and friends!”


Her Alaskan Spruce Wreath and Garland adds a pop of color to her front porch area. Read about her holiday decorations in her post.

Danielle Andresen of Metro Detroit Mommy


Life is full of fun opportunities and blogging quickly became Danielle’s outlet. It all started when she was on maternity leave with her first child. While browsing the internet one day, she came across mom blogger sites and was quickly inspired. She started Suburbia Mom and later on joined the blogging team of Metro Detroit Mommy.

Danielle urges, “If you are looking to decorate your door or mantel before the holidays, now is the time. This season, I am into the natural look with a touch of something old. I have my grandmothers Santa for a display and my stocking from when I was a child hanging. These items bring many fond memories of Christmas as a child.”


See how she incorporated her unique decorating style with our Alaskan Spruce Wreath and Garland on her blog.

Thank you to all our bloggers for sharing their family Christmas traditions and decorating tips with us and their readers. We trust your winter homes were warm, cozy, and filled with wonderful Christmas memories with loved ones.

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