How to Decorate Your Home for Fall Using Holiday Wreaths

Decorating your home for fall using holiday wreaths

Autumn is the perfect time to stretch your imagination and prepare your home for the upcoming holidays. Transitioning your décor with the change of seasons is easy by using holiday greenery to decorate your spaces for fall. From traditional to the unconventional, here are some ideas in using holiday wreaths as fall décor throughout your home.

Front porches and doors

Welcome your guests with bright and beautiful foliage.

Rhoda's Countryside Christmas Wreath
Rhoda of Southern Hospitality loved how the pop of color from the acorn accents of the Countryside Christmas wreath matched the pumpkins on her porch steps and the orange mums in her planters.
Amy's decorated Grand Fir wreath
A burlap ribbon and fall berry accents transformed this Grand Fir wreath into a charming door accent styled by Amy of 11 Magnolia Lane.
Angelina's floral-inspired Alaskan Spruce wreath
Get tickled pink with the Alaskan Spruce wreath decorated with faux flowers and branches by Angelina of Peonies and Orange Blossoms.

Mirrors and mantels

Create sophisticated focal points by hanging wreaths on mantels and mirrors.

Classic Fraser Fir wreath on top of a metal mirror above a patio fireplace
Susie of The Chelsea Project layered the Classic Fraser Fir wreath on top of a metal mirror and set it above the patio fireplace for a unique outdoor look.
The Classic Fraser Fir Festive wreath blended very well with florals and an orange ribbon.
Pinecones and golden branches of the Classic Fraser Fir Festive wreath blended very well with florals and an orange ribbon in this colorful mantel centerpiece by Lory of Designthusiasm.

Cupboards and coat racks

Get creative and hang your wreaths against unconventional locations.

The Kennedy Fir Harvest wreath complements a rustic tablescape.
Emily of Our House Now A Home created the perfect complement to her rustic fall tablescape by hanging the Kennedy Fir Harvest wreath on her kitchen cupboard.
Two designs using the Lake Forest Fir wreath displayed on a kitchen cabinet.
Laura of Pet Scribbles created year-round greenery in 2 different ways using the Lake Forest Fir wreath and displaying them on the kitchen cabinet. She decorated the first wreath with artificial garden plants and faux florals, while the second wreath is simply done with bird feather picks.
The Kennedy Fir wreath accented with gold painted pinecones and an orange ribbon on a coat rack.
Erin Spain kept it simple by decorating her coat rack with the Kennedy Fir wreath, accented with gold painted pinecones and an orange ribbon.

Urns, vases, and ladders

Use your wreaths to nestle various fall-inspired accessories to play up your décor.

The Countryside Christmas wreath is put on an old garden urn and served as a nest for a giant velvet pumpkin.
This Countryside Christmas wreath was set atop an old garden urn and nested a giant velvet pumpkin, designed by Cindy of Edith and Evelyn.
Susie's decorated Classic Fraser Fir wreath served as a glass container base
Susie of The Chelsea Project used this Classic Fraser Fir wreath as a glass container base, accented with a burlap ribbon and faux succulents.
The Classic Fraser Fir wreath decorated with a spray of flowers.
Susie decorated a second wreath with a spray of flowers on one side, and tied it to a ladder with a rough and ready burlap bow for a bit of farmhouse flair.

Decorate for fall with a little help from your holiday wreaths and lots of creative inspiration. Quick and easy to recreate, these design ideas will help you save time and money, and bring you just a little bit closer to Christmas.

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