Finding the Bad Light: 4 Ways to Keep Light Strands Lit

Finding the Bad Light: 4 Ways to Keep Light Strands Lit

Repairing Christmas lights can be frustrating, particularly in that moment when you plug the string of lights into the wall, only to realize there’s a faulty bulb. Follow these 4 simple tips to help you avoid setbacks and prepare you better as you decorate your tree for the holidays.

1. Purchase a Bulb Replacement Kit

Clear Christmas Tree Lights

It’s always good to have spares on hand in case one of your bulbs burns out before the rest. Sometimes a set of Christmas light strings come with a bag of three to five extra bulbs precisely for this situation. This might seem plenty, but you’d be surprised how quickly these replacements run out. A bulb replacement kit not only provides a more extensive supply of bulbs, but also includes new fuses to prevent the problem from recurring. Many kits also have instruction manuals to make the process easier for beginners.

2. Always Plug Lights in Before Stringing

Take the precaution of plugging in and examining your lights before you string them on the tree. Even a new set can come with defective bulbs, and it’s quite a nuisance to discover these faulty lights after you’ve put in all the work stringing them around your tree. It’s also much easier to spot defective bulbs when the long string of untangled lights is neatly laid out on the floor.

3. Check the Fuse First

If several light bulbs have unexpectedly gone out or you have just been using your lights more excessively than normal, the problem might be with the fuse and not the bulbs. Make sure to unplug the lights and check inside the plug to see if the fuse is the root of the problem. Always check the fuse before checking the bulb, since a defective fuse could be a fire hazard.

4. Use a Bulb Tester

A bulb tester is a handy device that lets you know whether the bulb is the problem or if a bigger issue is at work. These testers are often very simple and compact, and can be purchased from any local hardware store. A simple operation will have immediate results. If this method reveals that neither the bulb nor the fuse is the problem, it might be best to invest in a new light string.

Christmas lights

Pre-lit Christmas Trees


Our 7.5' Alberta Spruce as featured on Jessica Turner's blog, The Mom Creative
Our 7.5′ Alberta Spruce featured on Jessica Turner’s blog, The Mom Creative | As seen on Tree Classics in the News

An alternative to manually arranging light strings around your tree is a pre-lit Christmas tree. You can easily display your tree right after taking it out of the box and fluffing it. Tree Classics pre-lit Christmas trees are professionally strung with Worry Free® bulbs, so that if one bulb burns out, the rest stays lit. Our bulb replacement kit would come in handy, should any of the bulbs deem faulty. We also offer a Two-Year Light Limited Warranty, wherein lighting strands are available for immediate shipment when necessary.

Additional Tips

Practice extreme caution when working with any kind of electronic devices. Fires, electrocution, and other accidents are especially common during the holiday season. Although it’s economically reasonable to keep old Christmas lights around for several years, it may not be the safest option to reuse overworked fuses and dated wires. As a general rule, replace your light strings after three seasons. However, the tips above will help you keep your lights looking great throughout the season.

Have any other tips in mind? Chime in the comments section below and let us know. Happy decorating!

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