6 Features of the Best Christmas Tree Skirts

6 Features of the Best Christmas Tree Skirts (3)

After finding the perfect Christmas tree for your home, you’re now ready to decorate it. From ornaments, picks, to tree toppers and trim, there are a variety of options for Christmas tree accessories. To complete the traditional charm of your holiday décor, add a Christmas tree skirt as a lovely backdrop for your presents.

A good Christmas tree skirt ties a room together and helps create a cohesive holiday space for you and your family. Let’s go over the most important features of Christmas tree skirts and hopefully inspire some ideas in you as to what to look for in your search for the perfect skirt.

Best Material

Not all materials are created equal. Although it’s important to look at the type of material and whether it adds to your tree’s design, it’s equally crucial to check the quality of the fabric and make sure it blends with your tree.

Classic Fraser Fir tree with Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt
Kristi of I Should be Mopping My Floor beautifully complemented her Classic Fraser Fir tree with our Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt

Pro tip: Choose material that’s thick and heavy enough to cover the base without detracting from the tree’s theme. Light or very thin fabric will not properly conceal the base of your tree.

Proper Size

Christmas trees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to best match the available space in your home. There’s everything from the Oregonian Slim —a tall, skinny tree for areas with high ceilings and little floor room—to the Classic Fraser Fir, around 6.5 feet tall, that features a more traditional look and requires more space for its width and everything in between.

The right tree skirt should complement the overall size and shape of the tree and not take away from it.

The Satin and Sequin Gold tree skirt was the perfect match for Lory of Designthusiasm’s 7 1/2 foot Christmas tree

Pro tip: When measuring floor space to know what tree size would fit, allow a six-inch buffer beyond the width of the tree—that extra six inches of space is for your Christmas tree skirt.


Most traditional tree skirts maintain the round or doughnut shape that we are usually accustomed to. These days, modern skirts are changing that custom—some tree skirts are scalloped, while others are shaped like stars.

Since the tree skirt is a tree’s statement piece, make sure that the shape contributes to its overall design. Traditional Christmas trees are often paired with a traditional, round skirt; but if you wish to create something different, a uniquely shaped skirt is a better option.

Quilted Noel Tree Skirt
Pro tip: Make sure to check the space where you want to put your tree. Some skirts will invariably fill a space better than others.


Another factor to take into consideration when shopping for a tree skirt is the trim. Some skirts have no trim while others have tassels or fringe. The trim will highlight and accentuate your skirt’s overall feel.

For example, a thick, ornate tassel would go well with a large, decorative tree, while a rustic-looking centerpiece might do better with a simple lace or burlap trim.

Velvet Buttoned up tree skirt with green trim
The simple yet striking green trim of our Velvet Buttoned Up tree skirt blended with Amy of Maison Decor’s traditional red & green theme

Pro tip: Be practical. Children, dogs, and other factors may affect the lifespan of your skirt if the trimming is attention-grabbing. Those tassels might get in trouble!


Color matters a lot when it comes to Christmas tree skirts. A large, brightly-colored silk skirt may look out of place in a room with a lot of shiplap. Similarly, a thin burlap skirt might not stand out in a space where there’s an abundance of dark, heavy colors and leather furniture.

Quilted Noel Tree Skirt
Our Quilted Noel Tree Skirt’s vibrant red hue gives life to this minimalist room

Pro tip: Look for a skirt whose colors tie your decorations in with the rest of the space. The possibilities are endless—mix-and-match or create a one-dimensional color palette for consistency and cohesion.

Design and Pattern

Design and pattern play a similar role to color in the overall design of your tree’s skirt. They help blur the lines between your everyday space and your Christmas decorations. Large ornate patterns add sophistication and refinement, while small, repetitive patterns produce a simpler and subdued look.

Elegance in simplicity: our Gold Satin & Sequin Tree Skirt blended well with Kim of Savvy Southern Style’s decorated tree
Elegance in simplicity: our Gold Satin & Sequin Tree Skirt blended well with Kim of Savvy Southern Style’s decorated tree

Pro tip: With an outfit, you’ll want one statement piece and the rest more toned down so the whole ensemble is not too overwhelming. A Christmas tree skirt should follow the same pattern. It either needs to be the statement piece or act as a neutral accent to the item making a statement.

Matching Your Holiday Theme

Are you going for an elegant or a more rustic and natural looking tree? Do you want to collect memories over the years and build your tree over time?

Any and all of these Christmas tree themes can be accented by the tree skirt.

Cindy of Edith & Evelyn put a whimsical twist to a classic Christmas theme by incorporating plaids as accents
Cindy of Edith & Evelyn put a whimsical twist on a classic Christmas theme by incorporating plaids as accents.

Pro tip: Think of a name to describe your holiday theme. Is it a “Winter Wonderland” or is it a “Starry Night?” Labeling your theme will help you focus on what you’re looking for as you gather decorations that go together.

You may want to decorate your own tree skirt if you want a tree that represents your most cherished memories pieced together. Tree skirts with enclosures or velcro are normally the easiest to decorate yourself.

We hope that these tree skirt features help you decide which one is best for your Christmas tree. Browse through our collection of Christmas tree skirts for more decorating inspiration or chime in the comments section below with your ideas!

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