4 Features of the Best Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are beautiful decorative pieces to complement your Christmas tree. They’re also a great way to welcome guests into your home with holiday flair, as the Christmas wreath gives your friends and loved ones a sneak peek of what’s to come as they walk in. In this article, we’ll go over different holiday wreath characteristics and ideas you should consider when looking to buy your own wreath.

Durability and Realism


Classic Noble Fir Wreath
Our Classic Noble Fir features our signature Real Feel needles, mimicking the look & touch of an actual evergreen | Photo by Anne Sutton of On Sutton Place

Much like Christmas trees, wreaths are made of artificial materials, as well as they differ in quality. Artificial wreaths are beneficial as they can last for years and are significantly less expensive than real ones. With proper care and storage, your Christmas wreath can retain its beauty year after year. Some outdoor-safe wreaths have UV protection, which provides extra durability to weather different seasons.

Realistic-looking wreaths are hard to come by, but Tree Classics has some of the most realistic foliage you can find. Highly realistic wreaths often come with extended warranties to retain their premium quality.

Unlit Vs Pre-lit


The Countryside Christmas wreath is put on an old garden urn and served as a nest for a giant velvet pumpkin.
Lit or unlit, our Countryside Christmas wreath was the perfect base for this velvet pumpkin | Photo by Cindy of Edith and Evelyn

After deciding how realistic or traditional you’d like your wreath to be, it’s time to choose whether or not you’d go for an unlit or pre-lit piece.

Unlit wreaths give you the freedom to manually decorate it with Christmas lights, with the caveat that if one bulb burns out, the whole string is affected. On the upside, the beauty of unlit wreaths is their classic look and they give you the choice of leaving it as is or decorating it however you please.

Pre-lit wreaths, on the other hand, are usually installed with hand-strung lights that prevent the former from happening. They also save you time and space if they are equipped with a built-in battery pack or timer.

Wreath Sizes


Classic Fraser Fir wreath on top of a metal mirror above a patio fireplace
Susie of The Chelsea Project created a unique focal point outdoors with our Classic Fraser Fir wreath.

Wreaths are usually anywhere between 18 to 60 inches in diameter. Larger wreaths are great if you’re creating a focal point or using them as a decorative centerpiece because of their visually pleasing center.

Smaller wreaths are best hung on doors or against narrower spaces. Whichever size you prefer, you’ll want a wreath that fills the intended space without overcrowding it.

Decorated or Undecorated


The Classic Fraser Fir wreath decorated with a spray of flowers.
In contrast to the former undecorated wreath, Susie uses the same piece and sprays it with flowers for a rustic touch.


The most common color wreaths come in is green, and the leaves usually mimic those of evergreens or holly leaves. Evergreen needles and holly leaves have religious symbolic significance, while pine needles represent strength or eternity because the pine tree can survive the harshest of winters.


Decorated wreaths can come in similar sizes and shapes, but their ornamentation defines their difference and uniqueness. Flowers, ribbons, candles, ornaments, and lights all affect the look of your wreath. Choosing a pre-decorated or undecorated wreath has its pros and cons. A pre-decorated wreath saves you time, but potentially leaves little to no room for customization. If you wish to decorate with personal embellishments or to transition your wreath easily in between seasons, opt for an undecorated one and custom tailor its look according to your preference.

Focus on the look you’re going for and ensure the decorations on your wreath add or take away from that general aesthetic.

Whether you choose a decorated wreath or a classic, undecorated one, it’s important that your foliage ties to the entire theme of your Christmas tree and home decor.

Other Holiday Wreath Ideas


Alaskan Spruce wreath decorated with faux flowers and branches
Angelina of Petite Haus decorated our Alaskan Spruce wreath to add a welcoming, feminine touch to her front door.

Although pine or holly leaves with red or white lights are the most traditional kind of Christmas wreaths available, there are a variety of wreath options for those looking for something interesting.

We found a unique wreath design made entirely of Christmas ornaments. Here’s a set of DIY instructions for those who want to make an ornament wreath.

Another alternative to the traditional wreath is a paper wreath. Use paper to create leaves and other decorations that you then attach to a coil or frame. Depending on your craftiness, you can make a paper wreath that really stands out from all of the pine needles.

Others like to swap out the traditional pine needles and holly leaves for flowers (pictured above). This can add color and texture to your wreath, which definitely makes it stand out during Christmas.

Finally, holiday wreaths are great for decorating–not only on Christmas–but during other seasons and holidays too! Using foliage as transitional decor saves you money, so investing in a high-quality, durable wreath is important.

There’s a lot of different ideas that can go into wreath selection. Color, material, and size all can make a difference. But wreath selection comes down to one main idea, preference.

Do you prefer a fresh, new wreath every year or one artificial wreath you can store and reuse? Do you want to swap out the lights or do you prefer to have just one strand? Are you partial to an attention-grabbing centerpiece or a simple holiday decoration?

Figure out what you want out of your wreath and let those preferences guide you through the selection process. Browse through the Tree Classics site and begin your search. Happy choosing!

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