[VIDEO] How to Fluff Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Among the most anticipated holiday traditions with the family is buying a Christmas tree and unboxing it for the first time. Whether you purchased an unlit or a pre-lit LED Christmas tree, a full or slim one, keep in mind that it usually comes compressed for shipping. Fluffing the tree will give it a fuller shape and a more natural look.

With that in mind, there is a proper way to get your faux foliage ready for the season. Watch Jen Lutz as she shows us how to fluff your artificial Christmas tree in this video.

Tips for Fluffing Your Tree

1. Find the Floor for Fluffing
2. Go for Gloves
3. Set It Up and Start Shaping
4. Step Back and Check Your Tree
5. Fluff with Family and Friends 

1. Find the Floor for Fluffing

Tree Classics Snap Tree
Photo courtesy of Southern Hospitality blog

Prepare a clean and even floor space to fluff your tree. Make sure you have enough space to move around. If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to check if there are broken bulbs and to get a glimpse of how the tree and lighting will look when completely assembled.

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2. Go for Gloves

Fluffing an Artificial Christmas Tree

The needles can get a tad prickly, so wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from getting scratched or irritated. Gloves also allow your hands to glide easily over the branches and tips when you fluff your artificial Christmas tree.

3. Set It Up and Start Shaping

Fluffing Your Christmas Tree

Focus on one section at a time to avoid gaps within the tree. Begin with the bottom section, since this is usually the largest and requires more fluffing. Fan out the tips from the innermost branches and work your way outwards. Carefully point the outer tips in different directions to create volume. Fluff each branch layer, then continue upwards until the entire tree is done.

4. Step Back and Check Your Tree

Fluffing a pre-lit Deluxe Noble Fir
Jen Lutz makes sure the branches of this Deluxe Noble Fir are downswept

Study the finished product, and adjust the branches to fill in any gaps. Using a photo of your tree as a guide, tweak branch tips for an upswept or downswept effect. Make sure your lights are evenly dispersed and that the branches can easily accommodate your ornaments, ribbons, and whatever else you fancy for your Christmas tree this year.

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5. Fluff with Family and Friends

Shaping your Christmas tree takes time, but you don’t have to do it alone. Invite family and friends to help you, and make it a fun time! See how the Bowers made a family affair out of setting up and shaping their 12-foot Classic Fraser Fir Christmas tree in this video courtesy of Bower Power.

Now that you know how to fluff an artificial Christmas tree, you can get a head start on the fun part: decorating. Whether ornaments, faux snow, lights, popcorn strands, or ribbon is what you’re going for this year, your tree is now ready to be the centerpiece of your living room this holiday season.  Read our blog for style inspirations, and don’t forget to visit our store for your new holiday décor!

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Now that we’ve assembled the tree, the next important step we’re going to move to is fluffing the tree. We want to do this for three reasons. First, your tree is going to come shipped and compressed in a box. Second of all, fluffing the tree is going to give the tree a fuller shape. Thirdly, it’s going to give it a much more natural look.

As we begin fluffing, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you actually have enough space to fluff the tree. Another important piece is to remember that the needles can be a bit prickly, so grabbing a pair of gardening gloves is really helpful. You also want to start fluffing one section at a time. This helps to make sure you’re not missing sections, or there’s no holes in the tree. Finally, also remember that fluffing takes time. It can take one to two hours to fluff a tree, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can invite friends and family. Make it a party.

The first place we’re going to start is at the bottom of the tree here. Starting with the bottom section of your tree fan out all the tips of the inner branches closest to the pole working your way to the other branches.

Tweak the ends of each branch as needed to get the desired effect. Quick pro tip, refer to a photo of your tree to guide shaping. Once satisfied with the volume, place the next section and continue shaping. Finally, adjust the branches and tips to fill any gaps. This may take some time depending on the size of your tree as well. Make sure you allow one to two hours to achieve the tree’s best look, and invite family and friends to join you.

Now it’s time to step back and enjoy your beautifully shaped Tree Classics Christmas tree. For more styling and decorating tips, please check us out at treeclassics.com.


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