How to Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Tree

If you took our advice on the best time to purchase a new artificial Christmas tree, you might be wondering what to do with your old one. Here are four ways to recycle your artificial Christmas tree and put it to good use.

1. Have It Picked Up

Around Christmas time, most communities offer curbside pick-up of both real and artificial trees. These programs vary from city to city. Check with your local waste management authority to find out available schedules and size limitations, if any.

2. Donate Your Tree

Donating a Kennedy Fir Christmas tree to a medical care facility
For National Grandparents Day, Jen Lutz decorated and donated a Kennedy Fir to a medical care facility

Non-profit organizations and businesses give you a chance to spread cheer in your community. Look for a  local recycling campaign, or consider schools, nursing homes, and charities. Some of them accept Christmas tree donations and may even offer pick-up service.

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3. Drop Off

Christmas tree in packaging bag

Be an eco-friendly citizen, and recycle your old tree. This prevents it from ending up in a landfill. Most cities have a recycling center where you can drop off your plastic, glass, scrap metal, paper, or old artificial Christmas trees. Your community may have a trash collection service, so make sure to check their instructions.

Follow these tips before disposing of your artificial Christmas tree. These help make it as recyclable as possible:

  • Take off all garlands, tinsel, and ornaments.
  • Remove all lights strings.
  • Disassemble your artificial tree to make transporting and recycling easier.

4. Repurpose Your Old Artificial Christmas Tree

Another way of recycling your tree is to repurpose it. Try cutting the branches to create wreaths or garlands for any season. Using wire cutters, trim them to your desired length. Next, dress them up with ribbons, lights, and ornaments. Your old Christmas tree branches will add a lovely touch to your front door, mantel, or banisters.

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