Where is Santa?

where is santa?

Santa Claus brings holiday cheer to the young and young-at-heart, which is why many want to know what he’s up to during Christmastime. Here’s a list of some of the best Saint Nick trackers for you and your loved ones to follow during the Yuletide season. Make sure to read until the end of this post for inspiring ideas on how to prepare your home for when Santa pays you a visit!

Where Can You Find Santa Claus Online?


That’s right––the North American Aerospace Defence Command follows Santa Claus each year. NORAD’s Santa tracker website went live on December 1st and is filled with games and videos. They initially track Santa on Christmas Eve and show you all the places he visits!


Google set up a website to follow Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. According to Google, they received permission to track jolly ‘ol Saint Nick from one of his developer elves. The website gives you access to Santa’s location, as well as to learn about the places Santa is visiting, and to explore the Christmas Village that’s filled with games and other fun activities. A GooglePlay App is available for download so you track Santa via mobile!


Aside from big government agencies and internet companies, there are other sites who also track Santa Claus’ whereabouts. TrackingSanta.net is a great example of that. Not only do they track Santa on Christmas Eve, but they follow him before that as well. In late November, Santa was seen performing warm weather tests on his sleigh in Australia!

Where Can You Find Santa Claus Around the US?

Macy’s Day Parade

Santa Claus always makes an appearance at the Macy’s Day Parade. He comes to celebrate Thanksgiving with everyone and starts the Christmas season. Remember to keep an eye out for him on one of the final parade floats, as you might just see the iconic red and white suit!


December is a busy time of year for Santa Claus. He’s got to help his elves make toys, finalize his list of good and bad children, and make some TV appearances. Santa has regular appearances on TV and he’s even been in a couple of movies. A lot of these shows are played in December so kids can enjoy seeing Santa from home.

Where Can You Find Santa Claus Around Your Hometown?


Santa Claus with kid at the mall

Malls are a great place to find Santa Claus. Santa almost always has a place in the mall where he talks to children and asks them for Christmas present ideas. Elves help take photos of children with Santa so they can always remember their time with Father Christmas.

Local Theater

Santa Claus with kid at local theater

Many local theater companies put out special holiday productions in December. It’s possible that Santa Claus may make an appearance depending on the production. Attending holiday theater productions is a great way to enjoy the Christmas season, see Santa perform a musical number, and support the local arts at the same time.

Local News Channels

Santa Claus in local news channels

Many local news channels track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. If you want to get an idea of where Santa is, just turn on your favorite news channel and wait for the weather. The local weatherman or woman will give regular updates on Santa’s location all night long.

Charity Events

Charity events are another great place to find Santa Claus during the holiday season. Many businesses and nonprofits hold Christmas events that are open to the public to raise funds for a good cause. Check community event listings to see if Santa makes a guest appearance at any charity events nearby. The kids will love it and these activities give everyone the opportunity to help good causes as well.

Parades and Public Gatherings

Santa Claus at parade

A lot of cities and towns have holiday celebrations. Whether that’s lighting the town square’s Christmas tree or a winter parade to celebrate the community, Santa Claus is likely to show up for all of the Christmas fun. Check city calendars and the local paper to find all of the public events Santa will attend and have some fun with your family and neighbors while you’re at it.

Preparing Your Home for Santa Claus

There are many ways to prepare for Santa’s visit. Here are three simple ways to get into the holiday spirit and prepare the home for Santa come Christmas Eve.


's Red Beaded Christmas Stocking

Santa Claus puts the larger gifts underneath the Christmas tree, but he likes to stuff the little presents and goodies into stockings. Christmas stockings are a time-honored tradition—a fun way to celebrate Santa’s visit to add joy to the Christmas season. Dive into a filled Christmas stocking and find all of the treats Santa left for you this Christmas!

Send Santa a Letter

Writing Santa Claus a letter is always a great way to prepare for Christmas. Many newspapers and websites have connections to the North Pole, and kids can actually send Santa a handwritten letter and get a response. The letters they get back from Santa can then be framed and serve as a reminder that he’s coming back the following year.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Majestic Christmas Tree

Santa Claus likes nothing more than a home that reminds him of the season, and one of the best ways to do that is by decorating your Christmas tree. Tree Classics offers ornaments, tree toppers, lights and Christmas skirts you need to bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

Make Some Cookies

Lastly, everyone should have some Christmas cookies and milk waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa works extra hard on Christmas Eve and can use all the help he can get to finish his deliveries. Cookies and milk are a great way to help Santa keep his strength up.

Saint Nick watches out for all the good little boys and girls and he doesn’t mind if you follow him too! Head on over to Tree Classics for holiday décor you may use in your home for Santa’s visit.

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