Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Décor

Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

A brand New Year is here and for many of us it means a time of organizing and simplifying our home décor. When January arrives and the Christmas décor is put away once again, we often want a more simple backdrop to our homes. We start to crave a cleaner and more sparse look, but that doesn’t mean we want our homes to feel cold and uninviting.

Winter months can be cold and dreary, so with that in mind, let’s look at some ways to usher in warmth, coziness, and texture to our surroundings when we transition from Christmas décor to those Winter months before Spring arrives. It can seem like forever, but with a few cozy additions, these months can wrap us up like a warm blanket and even though we’re staying inside more, we can hunker down in style.

Where better to look than fellow bloggers for ideas on how they add Winter coziness to their home décor.

Start with your front porch

front porch with welcoming birch logs and rustic elementsWhy not start on the front porch like Cottage in the Oaks, with welcoming birch logs, lanterns, and a Winter white wreath on the door. Your guests will feel so cozy as they walk in the door.

Decorate your coffee table

beautiful white flowers in a gray vaseMeegan Makes adds a beautiful icy branch wreath to her coffee table, with the addition of a few faux branches, created a cozy vignette to take her through the Winter.

Adorn your side table

rustic elements on the tabletopPinecones have always been a go-to for me during Fall and Winter months and House of Hawthorne shares a pretty side table arrangement with a sweet deer statue, simple basket of pinecones and some wood slice coasters. Cue all the warm and cozy feels!

Dress your mantel

feminine and pastel elements atop the mantelShabbyfufu does a beautiful job of dressing her mantel in subtle, yet impactful decor for those in between months of Winter.  Textured candle holders in wood along with a shimmery vase, mixed with soft gray green florals add such a beautiful look to the mantel.

Add white and sparkle to your dining table

all white and pewter elementsTown and Country Living shows just how impactful this subtle white shade can be to add such sparkle and warmth to a table setting. This makes you want to sit down and dine at this table!

Create cozy corners

flocked white tree in the cornerRuffles and Rifles even leaves up a cute white flocked with white lights tree to keep some Christmas sparkle alive.  How cozy is this in the corner?

Display a gorgeous vignette

vignette in front of a mirrorDesignthusiasm shares a gorgeous vignette in front of a sparkly mirror, which also magnifies the available light. Flanking silver candlesticks, fresh flowers and those gorgeous glass trees, give an elegant nod to Winter.  She even leaves out a few pretty ornaments on the silver tray to keep the spirit of the Holidays alive.

Bring out the beauty of your bedroom

small live tree near dresserAdding a small live tree like this one from Julie Blanner, in your bedroom brings in so much warmth to the room. Anytime you add plants is a good thing!

Add elements to your vignette

sweet winter white bird atop vignetteDon’t forget that even small vingettes can create a feeling in a room. This one from Designing Wilder shows a sweet Winter white bird along with left behind white sparkly pinecone ornaments on a blue and white plate, sure to cheer up the coldest day.

Create a simple centerpiece

simple dough bowl with pineconesFill a simple dough bowl with pinecones, battery candles and a little bit of cotton stems for a sweet and simple Winter centerpiece, from Christina’s Adventures.

Play up your fireplace

a whimsical winter mantelA Winter mantel from Our Crafty Mom, adds a bit of whimsy and warmth to the fireplace. Much of the country gets a lot of snow during Winter months, so why not play that up?

Liven up your living room

cozy textures in a creamy hueAgain, Winter white is always a sure thing for these cold months and adding cozy textures in this creamy hue from Meaningful Spaces will make you forget it’s dreary outside.

Add some Winter whites

pretty pom-pom wreathMaking it in the Mountains shares a pretty pom-pom wreath how-to sure to brighten up the dreariest spot during Winter months.  Winter White is a sure hue during these cold and damp months.

Do it right with live greenery

live plants in cute jars and potsAs already mentioned, you can’t go wrong with live plants during the Winter to add such comfort and texture and yes, green to an indoor space!  I love plants year round and these little bits of living plants added in your spaces will remind you that spring is indeed around the corner.  Shared from Finding Silver Pennies.

Light up your living space

candles on a coffee table

Two Bees in a Pod shares just how cozy candles on the coffee table can be. With birch log accessories and that candlelight glowing, this makes for a peaceful and calming surrounding.

Keep comfy throws on hand

cozy throws in a basketTwo Bees in a Pod and I are definitely on the same page.  During Winter months, I especially love to keep a basket of cozy throws to grab for those TV watching sessions when you need just a bit of extra warmth.  Nothing says cozy like soft and comfy throws!

What a fun look at creating a cozy and warm home during Winter months. There’s no need to get in a slump this time of year when you can surround yourself with soft Winter white hues, candlelight, cozy textures and a few reminders of how it really just takes a little bit of thought in adding cozy, warm, and welcoming feelings to your home.  I think we’ll all survive ’til Spring now!

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