The Best of Tree Classics 2017: 40+ Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Sometimes we all need some inspiration. We’ve put together this list of 40+ lovely Christmas trees that have been decorated in a variety of ways to help get you some much needed Christmas inspiration for your next tree.

Hopefully you’ll never run out of Christmas tree decoration ideas again.

Oversized Ornaments
  1. Oversized Ornaments

Tree Classics Brand Spokesperson Jen Lutz posted this gorgeously decorated blue spruce complete with oversized ornaments that just creates a fantastic look. She included some hand-made ornaments as well to give the tree a little more of a family touch.

What you’ll need: To recreate this look you need the Tree Classics Blue Spruce as well as the Merry & Bright ornament sets. Some homemade ribbon or ornaments can help personalize the look and bring out some of your family’s personality as well.

white christmas
  1. White Christmas

Using only white decorations like YouTube vlogger Erica Lee Mynatt did creates an easy, clean, and elegant design that looks great almost anywhere. This simple yet classy design looks even better when you match the wrapping paper of the presents under the tree with the ornaments.

What you’ll need: This theme looks wonderful on the Tree Classics Alpine Estates Flocked Fir. She dressed up the fir using some white ornaments and lights. Copy this look to enjoy a very white Christmas.
  1. Simple & Understated

Nothing says Christmas fun quite like shiny ornaments with lots of colors. Janie Liu carefully placed her ornaments to make a beautifully simple Christmas tree, Ring in the Christmas season with an assortment of red, green, gold, and silver ornaments that catch the light at every angle.

What you’ll need: The tree in this photo is the Tree Classics Austrian Pine and the ornaments are the Bethlehem Star Tree Topper and Merry & Bright Assorted Glass Balls.

  1. Retro Beauty

Here’s Tiffany Ashley’s Christmas design which has a more retro feel to it. It’s a grand fir with large ornaments, small, colored lights, right next to the front window. Decorating your tree like this with some classic Christmas songs will really set the mood.

What you’ll need: To pull off this look, you’ll need a Tree Classics Grand Fir Tree, one of the Merry & Bright ornament collections, Classic Green Finials, and the Classic Red Finials.
  1. Skinny Tree

This skinny pine with elegant icicles hanging from its branches creates a simple, understated, wintertime look that really brings out the icy chill of Christmas. Lisa Costa shows us in this photo, that not every tree has to be big and flashy. Sometimes less is more.

What you’ll need: You can recreate this look using the Tree Classics Clifton Pine Tree and some icicle ornaments.
  1. Classic Spruce

There’s nothing quite like a tall, dark spruce wrapped in colorful lights with a beautiful star as the tree topper. CA Paredi did a fantastic job pulling off this classic look with a unique octagonal Christmas tree skirt.

What you’ll need: You’ll need a Tree Classics Ontario Spruce to pull this look off. Our Ontario Spruce can stand proudly in any space creating a strong anchor for the rest of your Christmas decorations.
  1. Brilliant & Bright

This tree, submitted by Tammy Wilson, is a great example of light and brilliance. A tall, strong fir surrounded by white lights, ribbons, and an eye-catching tree topper. This tree can really light up the room.

What you’ll need: If you want to recreate this look, you’re going to need the Tree Classics Grand Fir tree and a lot of white lights.
  1. Silver Bells

Caitlyn Neier made this absolutely breathtaking silver Fraser tree with some classic white lights and a silver ribbon. It really doesn’t take much else to stand out than that.

What you’ll need: The Tree Classics Classic Fraser is the tree you need to make this silver bells design work.
  1. Red & Gold

Red and gold can help create an air of comfort and luxury. This color combination on a tree will add to those late nights sipping hot cocoa by the fire all snuggled up in blankets. Use gold ribbons and dark red ornaments like Anita Joyce of Cedar Hill Farmhouse to create a beautiful Christmas contrast.

What you’ll need: You’ll need the Tree Classics’ Murphy’s Flatback. Some ribbons and ornaments will tie this look together, but to really make it over the top beautiful, be sure to get the Silent Night Angel tree topper.
  1. Burgundy & Gold

Burgundy and gold create comfort and warmth wherever they are. If you want a color scheme that is both rich and intimate, these are the colors for you.. You can really complete this look like Lidy Baars of French Garden House did with a nice golden tree topper and a red, velvet ribbon.

What you’ll need: You can make this complete look using exclusively Tree Classics’ items. Just get the Evergreen Snap Tree, the Silver & Gold Collection, the Red & Gold Collection, the Burgundy & Gold Collection, and a Buttoned-up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt.
  1. Silver & White

Silver and white create a well-lit atmosphere that can really bring some shine to your Christmas holiday. Silver and white are great if you want to create a more elegant looking tree. Michelle James of Our Crafty Mom did a fantastic job with her amazing collection of silver and white ornaments and ribbons.

What you’ll need: Michelle decorated our beautiful Classic Fraser Fir for this look. Use an assortment of your favorite silver and white ornaments to customize this look to your specific tastes.

  1. White & Gold

Dalia Torres of Inspirations by D dressed up this fantastic, narrow fir tree in white and gold to create a classy tree that can fit into virtually any space.

What you’ll need: Dalia used our Tree Classics’ Kennedy Narrow Fir as the start for this look. The white lights, silver ornaments, and white mesh ribbon really make this tree stand out.
  1. Merry & Bright

Nothing says Christmas fun quite like shiny ornaments and a lot of color. Ring in the Christmas season with an assortment of red, green, gold, and silver ornaments that catch the light at every angle like Alli Lancaster of An Alli Event did.

What you’ll need: Alli used the Tree Classics Deluxe Noble Fir, the Quilted Noel Tree Skirt, and two different sets of Merry & Bright ornaments to create this fantastic look.

  1. Burgundy & Gold and Silver

Lory Bernstein of Designthusiasm did a great job recreating burgundy and gold tree, but she added some extra silver. Red and silver colored ornaments will bring a refreshing spirit to your Christmas tree that will help really enhance the feel of winter for the whole season.

What you’ll need: For this look Lory dressed up the Tree Classics’ Kennedy Fir with our Burgundy & Gold ornament collection. This tree goes great in any space.
  1. All-white Christmas

Combining an all-white Christmas tree with white lights and gold ornaments, Lory Bernstein has made something truly spectacular. This simple yet elegant design looks even better when you match the wrapping paper of the presents under the tree with the ornaments.

What you’ll need: Lory used our Alpine White tree along with some gold ornaments and our Silent Night Angel to create a truly peaceful looking Christmas scene.

  1. The Color Changing Tree

Cindy Blackenburg of Edith and Evelyn Vintage had a problem because her son always wanted colored lights whereas she always wanted white lights on the tree. Until recently, she set up two different Christmas trees. But she has since found a way to use some new Tree Classics technology to get the best of both strands of Christmas lights.

What you’ll need: To get both colors she used the Deluxe Noble Fir tree with changing LED lights. She paired her tree with both the Silver & Gold collections as well as a Gold Sequined Tree Skirt. Now she can change colors whenever she wants to.
  1. Family Creations

Sometimes an eclectic hodgepodge of homemade ornaments just makes a space feel more like home. Emily Dinwiddie of Eleven Gables wrote about how she made paper garlands with her children and made her own ribbon decorations. Sometimes buying an ornament kit, or making your own decorations like Emily, not only makes for a night of family fun but it also helps bring back those memories year after year.

What you’ll need: Emily decorated one of our Narrow Kennedy Fir trees with some simple ribbon and colored paper. The changing LED lights help Emily change her tree’s look whenever she wants as well.
  1. Snowy Sundays

This is another one of Emily Dinwiddie’s Christmas creations. She calls this one Snowy Sundays because she used a frosted tree and the white LED lights to create a real snowy masterpiece. This is a smaller tree that doesn’t need more bulk to stand out.

What you’ll need: Emily decorated our Tree Classics Clifton Pine. The tree is so beautiful by itself it needs very few decorations at all to look absolutely breathtaking. This is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors.
  1. A French White Christmas
Lidy Baars made this French-inspired Christmas tree that dazzles with all of its silver, gold, and white. The tree is so bright it almost glows with Christmas fun. Her clear glass ornaments and silver ornaments catch the light in new and interesting ways that let you just stare at the tree forever.

What you’ll need: Liddy used several Tree Classics products to make this final tree. She started off with a Flocked White Fir, and she added Champagne Finials, and the Silver & Gold Ornament Collection to it. She then wrapped up the tree beautifully with a Silver Sequin Tree Skirt.
  1. Snowy Sunday With Blue Accents

Jennifer Homer of The Heart Comes Home created her own version of the Snowy Sunday Tree and added blue accents to her’s. The blue ornaments and feathers on the white tree branches make for an incredibly eye-catching look.

What you’ll need: In order to recreate Jennifer’s, Snowy Sunday tree, start with the Tree Classics Alpine White tree and gather the bluest ornaments you can find.

  1. The Technicolor Dream Tree

Shirley Stankus of Housepitality Designs made this wonderfully tall and colorful tree so that her holiday guests could have some Christmas spirit while staying in their guest room. The tree fills the entire corner of the room and every square inch of space is occupied by one colorful ornament or another.

What you’ll need: To make this tree, Shirley started off with a Narrow Kennedy Fir tree and added a bunch of ornaments from the Merry & Bright Collection along with a Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt and the Bethlehem Star.
  1. Snowy Christmas

Not only does Shirley Stankus have a great Christmas tree in her guest room, but she also has fantastic white Christmas tree in her Great Room. Gold ribbons, beads, and silver ornaments make this dazzling treasure the tree to emulate.

What you’ll need: Shirley dressed up her Tree Classics Flocked Alpine Spruce with a Gold Satin Sequined Tree Skirt as well as our Silver & Gold Ornament Collection.
  1. Sugary Sweet Tree

This amazing candy themed tree by Jaime Costiglio brings back memories of cool peppermint, candy canes, and other Christmas treats. The colors of these ornaments are fun and add some sweet personality to the white tree.

What you’ll need: Jaime used our Tree Classics Clifton Pine and a bunch of fun candy themed ornaments. The tree is topped off with our Bethlehem Star Tree Topper which just looks fantastic on this sweet tree.
  1. Lollipop Tree

Kristi Dominguez of I Should be Mopping the Floor made another candy themed Christmas tree with a bit of a Lollipop Forrest flair. She created a free, printable lollipop ornament design. Coupled with the right ornaments, this tree is one part festive and one part fun.

What you’ll need: Kristi dressed up our Tree Classics Classic Fraser Fir tree with her printable lollipop ornaments and she used a variety of different, colorful ornaments as well.
  1. Black And White And Red All Over

Lydia Nordhoff of Lydi Out Loud made this hip, contemporary Christmas tree. Most people never think of decorating their tree with black, but in this case, it really works. The black plaid with red and silver ornaments gives this tree a great, modern look.

What you’ll need: For this tree, Lydia chose to decorate our Deluxe Noble Fir. She added Classic Red Finials, a Silent Night Angel, and a Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt.
  1. Snowy Sugarplum Teacup Tree

Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor might not be a sugarplum fairy but the image of her decorated tree will dance through your head long after you stop looking at it. Her design includes a white fir with soft, purple ornaments that are reminiscent of sugar plums.

What you’ll need: In order to copy this snowy sugarplum teacup tree, you’ll need the Tree Classics’ Flocked White Fir, the Gold Sequined Skirt, and some purple ornaments.
  1. White Christmas Farmhouse Tree

This rustic tree by Tiffany Hewlett of Making the World Cuter is a great snow-dusted tree that brings some of what’s outside inside. With the white LED lights and the small, golden garland, this tree is simple yet beautiful.

What you’ll need: The tree in this image is a Flocked Alpine Spruce. The tree is so pretty that it really doesn’t need a whole lot of extra decorations.
  1. White & Aqua Tree

This tree is as beautiful as it is unique. The white branches with the aqua ornaments are incredibly memorable. The large circular ornaments and large aqua leaves are incredibly eye-catching. Laura Kuhlmann of Pet Scribbles really did a great job on this tree.

What you’ll need: Laura used four different Tree Classics products to assemble this look, the Alpine White, the Silent Night Angel, the Gold Sequined Tree Skirt, and the Silver & Gold Ornament Collection.
  1. French Country Christmas Tree

This, small, white tree is a great addition if you’re going for a French Countryside Christmas. The credit goes to Kim Nichols of Savvy Southern Style for coming up with the idea. It brings a pleasant, yet understated, Winter Wonderland feel to the home.

What you’ll need: To pull off this look, Kim placed Glass Champagne Ornaments on our Tree Classics Arctic White Pine. It looks great in the corner of a well-planned room.
  1. The Glistening White Tree

If you’re looking for sparkle and shine, look no further than this glistening white tree by Janet Coon of Shabbyfufu.  Janet does this really interesting thing where she uses the Christmas tree skirt to reflect the white lights on her tree back into the branches, creating a golden/pink color.

What you’ll need: Janet uses our lovely Golden Satin Sequined Tree Skirt to create a beautiful pink reflection on the branches of her Flocked White Fir.
  1. Blush Christmas Tree

Shirley Stankus went with a blush theme and it made her Christmas tree look so good. She used these beautiful pink gold ornaments that looked great on the frosted branches.

What you’ll need: Shirley decorated our Clifton Pine and put it on a small platform to give it a little extra height.
  1. Another Snowy Sunday

Rhoda Vickers of Southern Hospitality's Snowy Sunday tree is a little different from the other variations we’ve seen. It has more ornaments and color than the other versions we’ve seen so far. There are so many beautiful ornaments to look at on her tree.

What you’ll need: Rhonda chose a Snowy Aspen Tree and covered it from tip to trunk with our Burgundy & Gold Ornament Collection, as well as a Burgundy & Gold Velvet Tree Skirt.
  1. Red Plaid

Chrissy Taylor of The Taylor House created a gorgeously simple red and gold tree. The red plaid does a great job tying together the green in the tree with the red and gold in the ornaments.

What you’ll need: Chrissy decorated a Tree Classics Oregonian Slim.
  1. Snowy Glam Christmas

This Snowy Glam Christmas Tree designed by Sue Mertl of The Chelsea Project is so bedazzling it’s impressive. The tree with its deep, dark green is covered in beautiful gold and silver ornaments.

What you’ll need: Sue decorated a Tree Classics Heritage Balsam Spruce with Glass Champagne Ornaments, a Bethlehem Star Tree Topper, and a Gold Sequined Tree Skirt.
  1. Classic Tree

Minako Hogan created a pretty classic Christmas tree look with red, gold, and silver ornaments and white lights.

What you’ll need: The tree Minako used is an Alaskan Spruce. It’s a great tree for decorating and looks great anywhere in the house.
  1. Favorite Christmas Stories

Lawrence Allard created a great Christmas tree by decorating it with a variety of stars, ornaments, and characters from different Christmas stories. This is a great way to bring back all of those memories from your favorite Christmas stories.

What you’ll need: The tree that Lawrence decorates is an Alberta Spruce from Tree Classics.
  1. Silent Night

Jennifer Superales made this wonderful Silent Night tree. It looks gorgeous in a dimmed room with the white lights causing the tree to almost glow.

What you’ll need: Jennifer used our Arctic White Pine and lightly decorated it with oversized red and green ornaments.
  1. Glistening Silver

Daniel Bresingham created this tower of silver and golf, placing it directly under a ceiling light to catch the eye of everyone who walks past it. It almost looks like a tree made exclusively of ornaments and tinsel.

What you’ll need: Even though it looks like it’s made of ornaments, there is a tree in those decorations. Daniel used the Tree Classics Brentwood Glistening White Pine and adorned it with the most beautiful ornaments around.

  1. Humble Star

Anita Drislane made a simple tree with blue and gold ornaments that goes nicely with the antique pictures she has in her home.

What you’ll need: Anita used one of our Kennedy Narrow Firs. It’s a great tree to use when you’re looking to for something simple that can go in a corner and still be enjoyed by many.

  1. Simple Christmas

This tree, decorated by Kim Reinecker is another simple Christmas tree. The white lights combined with the Christmas themed ornaments makes for a great meeting place for the family to sit around and open presents.

What you’ll need: Kim decorated a Kennedy Narrow Fir by Tree Classics. It’s a great tree to place in a corner. It fits in nearly any space without looking like an afterthought.
  1. The Tree In The Window

Both the Humble Star and the Simple Christmas trees were great examples of making a corner of a room beautiful, but this tree decorated by Matthew Scothorn shows that slim trees can definitely stand on their own in open spaces.

What you’ll need: This is another beautiful example of the versatility of a Tree Classics Kennedy Narrow Fir tree.

Celebrate Christmas How You Want To

With the right tree and a little bit of creativity, you can make Christmas into anything you want. At Tree Classics, we want to help you make every holiday season special and memorable.

Whether you want to bring the Winter Wonderland inside or you want to attract some sugar plum fairies, we can help put the Spirit of Christmas into your home. All you need is the right Christmas tree decorations.

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