A Taste of Home: Grandma’s Ambrosia Salad

Michelle of The Brown Eyed Baker

“It seemed that my grandma could make ambrosia appear out of thin air, and we never ran out. How is that possible?!

Actually, it’s possible when you’re talking about an Italian lady who felt that the best way to show people you love them is to feed them. Then feed them some more. Then, even when they’re so full they can barely speak, you urge them to eat more, claiming that you hardly saw anything on their plate. That’s love.”

Grandma’s Ambrosia Salad

Michelle of the Brown Eyed Baker shares her grandma’s famous ambrosia salad recipe. Her nonna has always equated food with love, and this refreshing salad is the perfect summer treat this Mother’s Day.

ambrosia salad

Michelle reminisces about their fond memories together as she prepares this dish the first time since her grandmother’s passing. This simple fruit salad brought together 3 women in her family – herself, her mom, and her sister, as they recounted how their grandma whipped up this delicious dessert.

“Sometimes the simplest of recipes become the most special”, Michelle says and we’d have to agree. Heirloom recipes passed down for generations hold a distinct authenticity – one that resonates personally in each family. With Michelle’s, it’s how her grandma came up with alternatives for the recipe and how it always ended up delicious and enjoyed by everyone. The salad is light and refreshing, which is exactly how you’d feel like after tasting this unique dessert. Read more about Michelle’s ambrosia adventures with her family here.

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